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From the Creaux’s Nest – When rain is too much for crop

The Creaux's Nest

Much needed rains came but in some cases, rain is not that good for the crops. Also, timing is everything. Saturday morning I finally found a chance to break away from pressing chores, doctors visits, etc., to visit my friends,

Customize your favorite topwater and catch more fish

   More than once it has happened, you and your best fishing buddy are standing side by side using the same lure but only one of you is really catching fish. The next time this happens you need to examine

Things I Learned from My Dog

I spent the past week avoiding my Facebook feed. Currently making the rounds on social media is the story of Duke Roberts, a dog suffering terminal cancer. His owner and a photographer friend documented the last day of his life

Creaux’s Nest

THINGS COULD BE WORSE Here we go again. The weeks keep flying by. In fact, here we are already in mid-July. In early fall I predicted that it would be a hot summer but much wetter than normal. I’ve been

From the Creaux’s Nest

Sherlock Breaux and the Creaux

THINGS COULD BE WORSE Here we go again. The weeks keep flying by. In fact, here we are already in mid-July. In early fall I predicted that it would be a hot summer but much wetter than normal. I’ve been right

Old fashioned summertime fun

Summertime fun

Pictured: A telegraph out of cans and string makes a fun old fashioned and cheap toy. I remember those long summer days growing up in Orangefield when it was so hot outside. Running into the house to cool off after playing

From the Creaux’s Nest

The Creaux's Nest

JULY IS ON A FAST ROLL Congratulations to the Bridge City Historical Society for another great Fourth of July show. It is estimated to have been shared by over 3000 people. The kids had a great time and will carry

Creaux’s Nest

HISTORICAL EVENTS HIGHLIGHTED This week marks the 238th year of our Independence. On July Fourth we celebrate throughout the United States. This year, the Fourth falls on a Friday making for a three-day holiday weekend. Celebrations throughout the country will

Why I traded my wedding ring for a set of map coordinates and why I’m not sorry about it

Pretty Caroline Brewton explores the world around her.

I wear a ring with the map coordinates of a restaurant in San Francisco on the pointer finger of my right hand, but I used to have other jewelry: an engagement ring. It was funny. When I was growing up,

This year I bought two Father’s Day cards instead of three: simple subtraction of loss.

I called him Papaw, and he was my mother’s father, although, in the way of the complex, noisy tribe of my family, he acted as a sort of father-figure to me, too. Both of my grandfathers did. We spent a


Cowboys 2014 success depends on a completely healthy Romo While most of the 30 National Football League franchises were focused on last week’s Organized Team Activities, acquainting their newly-drafted rookies and players obtained via trades and free agency to their

Down Life’s Highway “Mr. Gospel Music, “ Hank, Chet, Willie and Patsy Cline

Down Life's Highway with Wally Fowler

From Possum Trot, Ga. to the Grand Ole Opry and beyond, Wally Fowler blazed musical trails. I’m proud to record those times in the pages of history. The year was 1948, Dudley J. leBlanc, the inventor of Hadacol, had come

Creaux’s Nest

THE RAINS CAME, IT HAS TO HELP Well, we finally got some rain Tuesday and it looks like more might be coming. You can’t bet on South East Texas weather, however. Your neighbor might get a barrel full and you

Creaux’s Nest

IS A STORM IN OUR FUTURE Saturday will mark the official first day of summer. We’ve had a pretty good spring and summer is ready to come on strong. I predicted earlier that despite last year’s hurricane season being mild,

Caroline Brewton; Summertime vacationing

Growing up, summer meant vacation. Well, summer’s here again, and although I have the kind of big-girl job where I don’t have a two-month break to travel like I did in school, I’m consumed with wanderlust. I’m dying to hit

Creaux’s Nest

IT’S COMING ON FATHER’S DAY The news this week, in 2014, covers a variety of subjects. The American public has been worked up by opponents of President Obama against his swap of five Taliban prisoners for Afghanistan hostage U.S. soldier

Kidney stew, bucket of blood and glad to have it

Sometimes a writer intends to write one thing and their mind drifts to another time Times were hard; the Depression had taken its toll. My grandfather Nelson had died leaving no man around to help provide even food. Mom and

Creaux’s Nest

WE HONOR OUR WWII VETS Those weather folks on television are more often wrong than right. In all fairness, no one can predict southeast Texas weather for certain. At best, last week they got a D. Every day the forecast

Dan and I and the road we traveled

A personal hero that left his mark on a little boy, that followed him to old age. Back in the 1930’s times were hard around the country but in the Cajun parishes of Louisiana they were really bad. My grandfather

From the Creaux’s Nest

The Creaux's Nest

SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT Last week we ran an untruth in our two publications as did the two papers in Vidor. Together we have a combined circulation of 32,000. Until now many of you were not aware of the false

From the Creaux’s Nest

The Creaux's Nest

FOR THE RECORD Believe me, I would rather not write what I’m getting ready to write but I was forced into it. This publication has never endorsed candidates in local races or favored one over any other. We ask not