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Internet still in uproar over yoga pants debate

Brewton, Caroline

The internet is currently fighting over yoga pants. Specifically, whether or not it is appropriate to wear them in public. Specifically whether or not it is appropriate for women to wear them. Honestly, I can’t believe we’re still having this

My Five Cents

Sen Nichols

This week, the Lieutenant Governor began referring bills to committee and we will soon begin to hear them in committee. The legislative process kills more bills than it passes, which I consider a good thing. Only the best legislation which

Commissioners reach compromise on janitorial contract

commish crt

David Ball For The Record Some janitors who work for Orange County escaped the job chopping block after a contract was reworked at the regular meeting of the commissioners court on Monday afternoon. A contract was made last week with

Conwell: Baby Jesus in a Onesey

Kent Conwell

A few more hours, and the big day is here. Merry Christmas to all, whether it be Kwanza or Hanukkah or the celebration or not of your choice. I heard a report the other day that 78% of Americans still

Conwell: Christmas is on the way

Decorations are strung (almost), tasty treats are being prepared, folks are enjoying cheese and libations in front of a cheery fire, a sense of goodwill is in the air. Unfortunately, there are always the Scrooges. It once was that the

Conwell: Even a blind dog finds a bone

A few months back, I did a column about being orphaned as a writer. To rehash the incident without boring anyone, I’d been publishing with Avalon for about twenty years and Leisure, an imprint of Dorchester, for about seven or

Conwell: One way to buy votes

This week has been both an intriguing as well as a learning experience for me. It was intriguing because I had a couple emails from folks upset with what I had written, the subject of which I had no control,

Kent Conwell: Booze, Mangoes, and Dead People

It’s over. ‘And in more ways than one,’ remarked one of the old boys during lunch the other day, referring to the election. He pretty well summed up all our feelings on the subject. I’ll make no bones about it.

Kent Conwell: Thanks to My Heroes

Kent Conwell

Well, the elections are over, but I don’t want to talk about them today. Instead, let’s talk about those heroes who have given us the freedom to have elections. Now, I always enjoy the holidays. The richness of our national

Kent Conwell: Lesson from a Bobblehead

Sometimes folks get too carried away with life about them to remember to live and enjoy their own lives. I’m not trying to be cryptic or enigmatic; I’m simply pointing out that which goes on around us beyond our own

Kent Conwell: Healthcare from hell

Last September, the independent Newsmax surveyed 3,660 doctors nationwide in all 50 states. Their political affiliations were mixed with 35 percent Republican; 24 percent Democrat; 26 percent Independent; 6 percent Libertarian; and 7 percent unaffiliated. This survey showed that if

Conwell: Best ways to catch fleas

Recently, we spoke of how our president’s philosophical beliefs have taken the U.S. toward a much more defined socialistic road. And hey, that cannot be denied. If you would dispute such a direction, explain how the 70% increase in food

Reasons Not to Like Romney

The political conventions have come and gone. A lot of folks are still confused as to whom they will give their vote. Big surprise, huh? Well, with the help of a little research and the learned critiquing of a couple

Kent Conwell: A Stinking Gift

If you’ve been following the news, you are well aware the political fur is flying. One accusation after another is being hurled by all sides at each other. More than once in the last few weeks, my jaw has hit

Kent Conwell: Time to Speak Out

Kent Conwell

I can remember decades back how surprised I was when I discovered how political parties, unlike leopards, have changed their spots over the last couple hundred years. Their political philosophies did an almost 180 degree turn. At first I puzzled

Dog Heaven on the Neches

DanishSwedishFarm DogSigurdAndTjalfe

I heard about an old East Texas bachelor who had a small cabin on a few acres near the Sabine River. Seems like the last two fingers on his left hand were frozen shut from a boyhood accident. His only

Conwell: The Day the Lights Went Out in America

Most of you who are reading this are intelligent enough to realize just how severe the consequences for our country to be so deeply in debt. Unfortunately, you’re in the minority. Such a small percentage of knowledgeable readers sometimes makes

Conwell: The Great Horned Toad Escapade

A couple weeks ago we attended the closing session of our two grandsons’ Vacation Bible School at Proctor Street Baptist Church. It’s a fine church, led by a dedicated minister, supported by committed staff members, sustained by tireless volunteers, and

Old Fashioned Fourth

fireworks web

The Fourth of July! The very words conjure up rockets blazing across a black sky; fiery explosions lighting the night; and racketing firecrackers shattering the air. To a youngster up in the Texas Panhandle, the Fourth was second only to

Dogs and Fleas

When I was one of those know-it-all teenagers, my Dad constantly reminded me to pick my friends carefully. “You sleep with dogs, you get fleas,” he always told me. In other words, you’re known and influenced by the crowd with

Part II: A Cruise to Remember

We pulled out of Galveston on our maiden cruise at 4:30 p.m. on a Thursday. The liner, Carnival Triumph, a venue we were later to discover was akin to a small city, one neighborhood stacked on another twelve stories high.