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Down Life’s Highway

Roy Dunn

Mardi Gras–Cajuns, Faith and Changes I remember back many years ago celebrating Mardi Gras, even before I knew what it meant. It was a special day for us south Louisiana Cajuns. Most communities had their own way of celebrating Fat

Down Life’s Highway

Roy Dunn

Sixty Years for Phyl and me What a Ride….. How quickly the years have flown by. I just recently realized that come December 31, Phyl and I will mark our 60th wedding anniversary. I knew, my heart knew, and my

Down Life’s Highway “Mr. Gospel Music, “ Hank, Chet, Willie and Patsy Cline

Down Life's Highway with Wally Fowler

From Possum Trot, Ga. to the Grand Ole Opry and beyond, Wally Fowler blazed musical trails. I’m proud to record those times in the pages of history. The year was 1948, Dudley J. leBlanc, the inventor of Hadacol, had come

Kidney stew, bucket of blood and glad to have it

Sometimes a writer intends to write one thing and their mind drifts to another time Times were hard; the Depression had taken its toll. My grandfather Nelson had died leaving no man around to help provide even food. Mom and

Dan and I and the road we traveled

A personal hero that left his mark on a little boy, that followed him to old age. Back in the 1930’s times were hard around the country but in the Cajun parishes of Louisiana they were really bad. My grandfather

Early Years Down Life’s Highway

Down Life's Hwy cottonfield

“Those old cotton field’s back home.” The roots of my raising in low cotton and the knowledge of mankind has fast-forwarded to unbelievable heights in the span of one lifetime. When I was a lad in the Cajun country in

Down Life’s Highway – Hale, Chloe, Amber and St. Patrick

Hale Leon wCAR

Usually this time of year I would write a St. Patrick’s Day column. March 17th has always been a special day to me, a half-breed. My mother was a Cajun mix, even though her background was mostly French, her father,

Goodbye to My Friend Doug

Doug Harrington
Dec. 15, 1938-Oct. 25, 2013
He spread a lot of good.

Doug Harrington, 74, longtime area pharmacy owner died last Friday, Oct. 25. I had known Doug since he was in his late twenties. We bonded and built a friendship that would last throughout his lifetime. Down this road I call

Bum Lives in Many Memories

A rare picture of Bum wearing a hat indoors. Roy Dunn presented the crawfish bucket cap at his restaurant in Nederland.

He was proud of being country, respected by common folks and presidents. O.A. “Bum” Phillips, Orange County’s most famous native born Sept. 29, 1923, at home on John Street. Whenever asked, he said he was from Orange, Texas. As far

Remembering Richard “BBRC” Corder

Having fun at live radio broadcast at Dunn family owned OVN anniversary celebration in 1970’s. Pictured left to right: Gordon Baxter, Richard Corder, Ed Lovelace. Background Joe Kazmar and Jerry Pesson. RECORD PHOTO: Mark Dunn

Born for his Trade  Smart, Quick, Pioneer, Family Man, Friend, Fisherman Richard passed away Sunday evening, Sept. 22. I first met him around 1954, when we were both youngsters. He worked at KOLE Radio in Port Arthur with Gordon Baxter

Those old cotton fields back home

This old pump I drew water from as a child reminds me daily of a time long ago.

The knowledge of mankind has fast-forwarded to unbelievable heights in the span of one lifetime but morals and life styles have dipped to unbelievable lows once unheard of. When I was a lad in the Cajun country in the late

Remembering ‘The Fireman’ a Great Guy

Chief Jerry Wimberly

Chief Jerry W. Wimberly Feb 20, 1936-June 27, 2013 “I lost my brother” Judge Claude Wimberly When the morning call was from Judge Claude Wimberly, I knew it couldn’t be good news. The Judge never makes morning calls. I picked

Collin, our caboose graduates

Collin Slade Gros

This week the last of our grandchildren, the caboose, Collin Slade Gros, graduates from high school in Bridge City. There was always something a little sad to me as each of our previous four grandchildren completed high school. I’m sure

Remembering George Jones–in a nutshell

Jones accepts his 1980 award for best male vocalist at the Country Music Association awards show in Nashville in 1981. 1980 was the year that ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today’ was released.

A lot of people in this part of Texas have a George Jones story; my story goes back to the early 1950’s when we were barely adults. George was a few years older and was playing his music at any

Roots of my Irish well Dunn

Allen & Clay Dunn web

Often I’ve written about the Cajun side of me, but I never have said much about the fighting side of me. That’s my Irish side. While a kid in Abbeville, I was a strange youngster, the only person in the

My reflections of the day Dad died 54 years ago

Clay Dunn web

~Growing up in a broken home, raised by my mother, I looked forward to the years ahead that I would spend learning from and about my dad It was about three hours before daylight on Feb. 19, 1959, when I

Wednesday Lunch Bunch, Great Place to Congregate

Lunch Bunch 20th anniversary web

20 Years of Interacting in Fellowship The Wednesday Lunch Bunch was started 20 years ago, in 1992, quite by accident. The group that gathers weekly has no specific reason, no committees, no speeches, no dues, just fellowship, exchange of ideas

John victim of outdated process

John Dubose

For nearly 60 years now I’ve known every county commissioner and judge. Some more personally than others. I recall the days of long meetings and constant squabbling; usually it was a divided court. Not Republican and Democrats but rather the

Recalling the events after Clay’s death

Roy.Clay Dunn web

I’m putting the cart ahead of the horse by writing about dad’s death when I have so many stories to tell about his life that I plan to publish, when and if I get to them. He had deserted mom

Life’s Highway: Dad traveled a fast, rough and dangerous road

Clay Dunn flirted with the odds, walked on the edge on a quick rise to the top. By the time he was 27 he had been to hell and back. Lady luck rode with him.

Clay Jackson Dunn was the product

Civil War widow arrives in TX by covered wagon

A Cajun boy’s Irish roots. My family helped settle the state. They left their mark on Texas and me.

My great-grandfather, Stephen James Dunn, was killed during a battle with the Union troops in South Texas. He left behind a young