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Dress Right and Stay Awhile

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“There is nothing like trying to dress right for a day of fishing on Sabine Lake in March”, barked Tom Pierce while unloading yet another sack of snacks out of the back of his SUV.“It’s drizzling rain, forty-five degrees and

Taking bass fishing to a new level

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You just never know when you are going to meet and have the time to visit with a total stranger that unexpectedly makes your day.I very much enjoyed one of those chance meetings while waiting to check out at Academy

Another shot of cold air

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Not one of the three of us was totally committed to the task at hand after the first hour of fishing.While that attitude more often than not yields less than favorable results, it is almost always a deal killer for

Catching continues to improve for local anglers

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While the local trout fishermen couldn’t be happier that the generators are shut down again up on Toledo, the BASS pros headed this way for the March Elite event on the Sabine are absolutely ecstatic.For the most part they have

Clark-Rambo team continue to roll

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After cashing a big check with a terrific second place catch only two weeks ago in the Rayburn Bass Champs tournament, Cory Rambo and Rusty Clark raised the bar last Saturday in the first Texas Team Trail event of the

So much for value of superstition

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Having always been a little superstitious, I recently dared to entertain the thought that possibly all I had to do to improve the “catching” part of fishing was to openly complain about the conditions.It worked a week ago! I no

Bass Catching to the Rescue

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The trout fishing on Sabine Lake has been an absolute grind over the past week or so.Muddy runoff that has reduced water clarity to less than six inches all over the lake has gotten most of the blame, but that

So much for no cold weather

“You don’t have to worry about us flaking out,” stated the first client out of the truck.“We expect to fish in bad conditions this time of the year and we will grind all day long for one shot at the

Choice of tackle makes a difference

Twelve year old, Liz, wasn’t speaking at that exact moment, but the look on her face said it all as another big redfish buried the tip of her rod in the water and stripped line much too fast for the

A fishing trip way overdue

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I wasn’t brimming with confidence having skipped out on church as I idled into a cold and fog shrouded Sabine Lake Sunday morning.I am usually in church on Sunday mornings praying that the fish will bite the rest of the

Bass bite rebounding on river

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Before getting started with this week’s column….”Good luck to the WOS Mustangs as they invade Dallas this Friday looking to disappoint Gilmer and seal the deal on yet another football state championship.I can’t think of a better way to kick

Wading is not for every one

Austin Smith begrudgingly struggled with his waders while his youngest son, B.J., slipped over the side of the boat and his eldest son, Lon, repeatedly assured him that he was going to enjoy his first attempt at wading.We could not

Can’t miss Christmas gifts

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Just consider this to be a kind of “thank you” for the faithful outdoorsmen willing to grind their way through this column each week. Now, leaving it open in a strategic place around the house is up to you! Moms,

Not Just any old Swim Bait

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“I loved that movie,” said 15 year old Isaac, “but I couldn’t believe it was the name of a fishing bait as well.I thought Dad was kidding when he said y’all caught your fish on Usual Suspects last week.“Which came

Colder weather alerts tactics

“Is this the same drain we caught those flounder and reds out of last week?” asked Sam Perrin in a dubious tone of voice. The drain that he was pointing at with the tip of his rod was shallow even

A stiff North wind does the trick

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It wasn’t some magical phenomenon that ignited the “lights out” fishing on Sabine Lake this past week.All it took was a good outgoing tide and a few days of stiff north winds to lower water levels and flush even more

Safety is no laughing matter

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It is important that you know that we laughed hysterically only after we were certain that the individual standing waist deep in the mud and water was safe and uninjured.Since there was nothing we could do to help ease his

Area businesses ride to the rescue

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You know you have an enviable job when the majority of hard working folks list your job over in the recreation column. After forty two years of hiring out as a fishing guide I could not agree more with their

Rambo-Clark earn another title

DICKIE COLBURN FOR THE RECORD While saltwater enthusiasts are just now moving into the most fishermen-friendly months of the year, most bass fishermen are putting the final wraps on a very good 2014 and prepping for the upcoming hunting season.I

Catching is all about confidence

The unforgiving nature of lightning always precludes any thoughts of venturing out on the water, but within reason, wind and rain only serve to make catching fish more challenging.If I am scouting alone or fishing with a friend I just

Big flounder on the move

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If you have kids or grand kids that love to fish do not forget to mark down October 11th on your calendar.The S.A.L.T. club is hosting a kid’s only tournament that could not be any more convenient for parents and