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Catching can get expensive


Between bites, which were all too scarce at the time, one of my clients brought up the subject of the cost of fishing.“If a parent is fortunate enough to get their child interested in fishing”, he asked his buddy, “How

Fishing show well worth the drive

Dickies pic

If you were unable to attend the Houston Fishing Show at the George R. Brown Center in Houston this past week or even if you simply didn’t care to make the drive….you missed a very good show and that certainly

Dickie Colburn-Don’t leave home without it


I don’t know that it is possible to have any better sponsors than I have in the fishing business, but I do not fish or promote any lures or tackle that I can’t rely on every day simply because it

Colburn Fishing


Just like “catching” better than “fishing”?  Now is the time to take advantage of a terrific redfish bite. The lure fishermen are getting it done in the bayous and lake while the bait fishermen are taking advantage of the river

Colburn – Never Take Warm for Granted

Dickie Colburn 8:47 AM (2 hours ago) to Record NEVER TAKE WARM FOR GRANTED It wasn’t until I leaned back on my 6”5” Laguna in a clumsy response to a jolting strike that all but dislodged the rod from my hands

A gift your fisherman won’t return

Capt. Belcher puts another over sized red back.

This is for anyone that has yet to buy their favorite fisherman or even Santa Claus a gift that can’t miss. Unlike most of the problems associated with any gift, other than money, you don’t have to worry about size

Right place at the right time


Jalen Simar and his 14 year old son, Carlton, shared a Thanksgiving they won’t soon forget. They had been on their deer stand early Friday morning less than an hour when they heard a shot echo through the woods.“We never

Colder weather is a game changer


Winter unexpectedly crashed the party Friday night abruptly putting an end to the seemingly endless run of humid days that we were forced to designate as Fall. We were fishing in shorts one day and scrambling for any piece of

Flounder migration on slow side

A pair of nice flounder taken on the Louisiana shoreline.

The calendar indicates that this is November, but not unlike the past ten months of 2013, the anticipated fall weather is yet to arrive. One day we keep our Frogg Toggs on all day long to ward off a bone

Your knot should be an asset

When booking a trip with a new client over the phone, I try to cover every aspect of the trip from “What do you hope to catch and how do you best like to catch them” to “why we can’t

Wind and high water making it tough

Dr. Michael Olson with a nice trout caught in miserable weather. RECORD PHOTO: Dickie Colburn

At some point on virtually every fishing trip a client will invariably ask, “How many days a week do you fish?” If that question is asked on the second day of a two day booking, it is usually because everything

Easy bite slow to develop

Dr.  Michael Olson with a nice trout caught on a cold wet Sunday morning.

At some point on virtually every fishing trip a client will invariably ask, “How many days a week do you fish?” If that question is asked on the second day of a two day booking, it is usually because everything


Colburn.Betty Duke

We have had to deal with a little more rain lately, but it’s the cooler weather that has us digging for our Frog Toggs every morning. More often than not, I find myself wearing the bibbed bottoms even when I

Shutdown forces early closure of game reserve

The entire time I was in the process of helping a Mr. Sensat and his nephew cut a crab trap out of their prop, he was going off on the government. He seemed oblivious to the fact that his dilemma

Rain shouldn’t be major game changer


Ironically enough, relief came in the form of a driving rain that hammered away at our Frogg Toggs and kept the automatic bilge pump running like someone had hit the manual switch. As miserable as that scenario may sound to

More than a bass fisherman

Richard Corder

I was in the retail fishing tackle business and guiding full time back in the 70’s when Richard Corder walked into my store one morning and asked me if I would be interested in providing a weekly report on Toledo

Straight down not all bad

The ultimatum I was served prior to leaving the dock was, “We’re into trying anything you want to do as long as I am sitting in my seat on the fifty yard line in Jasper at five o’clock.”Leland’s wife confirmed

A new game for catching flatfish

Flounder showing up on deeper breaks as well.

Both power poles were planted in the mud and the bow of the 23 foot Center Console wasn’t ten feet off the shoreline.The two anglers standing shoulder to shoulder were taking turns pitching a tail no more than five or

Redfish don’t mind hot weather

Swim Baits, crankbaits and spinnerbaits are hard to beat on reds!

While we are rapidly approaching that magical time of the year when the fish bite as well in the middle of the day as they do at dark-thirty, I still wasn’t ready to take that chance. My clients stumbled out

CCA banquet packed the house

The veritable sea of trucks packed into the new Orange County Convention and Expo Center last Thursday night further confirmed the fact that promoting our local fishing pays big dividends. Scott Bandy, Louis Moore and a handful of members in

New isn’t always better

And just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water! Warren Brister called me last week and started our conversation with, “I was just a little too late when I told Brandon not to cast.” He