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Rambo-Clark earn another title

DICKIE COLBURN FOR THE RECORD While saltwater enthusiasts are just now moving into the most fishermen-friendly months of the year, most bass fishermen are putting the final wraps on a very good 2014 and prepping for the upcoming hunting season.I

Catching is all about confidence

The unforgiving nature of lightning always precludes any thoughts of venturing out on the water, but within reason, wind and rain only serve to make catching fish more challenging.If I am scouting alone or fishing with a friend I just

Big flounder on the move

Colburn art

If you have kids or grand kids that love to fish do not forget to mark down October 11th on your calendar.The S.A.L.T. club is hosting a kid’s only tournament that could not be any more convenient for parents and

Honeywell steps up for kid’s tourney

When was the last time that you unexpectedly suffered a flat tire on your boat trailer and just happened to be in front a tire dealership? In my case Friday afternoon it was pouring down raining and I had three


Colburn art

Last Saturday was noticeably cooler than the previous Saturday, but outside of a fairly stiff north wind and scattered showers, it was a stretch in terming it a “sure enough” cold front.It did, however, move enough water to push some of

O.C.A.R.C. event provides special touch


“The number of entries is down a little this year,” stated John Thomas while directing traffic with a clip board in one hand and shaking the hand of a young angler with the other.“Our sponsors stepped up big again this

Rain hasn’t slowed bass action on local scene


We got more than the shark did for a change! RECORD PHOTO: Dickie Colburn You will just have to excuse local bass fishermen for hoping for yet another down pour not unlike the system that parked on top of us

Colburn – Cops helping kids tourney up next


Even thinking about fishing has been very difficult for me this week following the tragic Borel boating accident on the river last weekend. I know very few individuals that have any greater love for fishing and the outdoors and sharing

Big bucks on the line for big fish

While the fishing on Toledo Bend continues to be well worth the drive, the catching part of fishing has been tough here on Sabine Lake. Fishing the deep brush piles for crappie has been exceptionally good up on the Bend

Excessive runoff will slow down local bite


 One more red before the next thunder shower! “I had a plan in mind when I asked my boys if they would like to bring a couple of their friends up to the camp last week,” said Harlan Leger with

Tailchaser Club posts good numbers


Hannah Roberson with a solid trout on another very windy day!  Much of Sabine Lake is still a little more off-colored than normal for this time of the year, but the wind gave local anglers a break across the weekend



“A handful of the teams are posting some very solid weights,” stated Ryan Warhola, “but it was a grind all day for us.” Warhola had just finished weighing in his Day One catch at last weekend’s “Do It In Orange”


For the first time since the two month run on big trout that didn’t slow down until late March, the bragging size trout were once again on the prowl last week. The numbers weren’t as impressive and the bite was

Wind Tough on Local Anglers


Gary Devers twitched the tip of his new Laguna medium light casting rod with its cyclone wrapped eyes for the first time and his black-chartreuse She Dog struggled a short distance across the surface before pausing to rest a moment.

Catching can get expensive


Between bites, which were all too scarce at the time, one of my clients brought up the subject of the cost of fishing.“If a parent is fortunate enough to get their child interested in fishing”, he asked his buddy, “How

Fishing show well worth the drive

Dickies pic

If you were unable to attend the Houston Fishing Show at the George R. Brown Center in Houston this past week or even if you simply didn’t care to make the drive….you missed a very good show and that certainly

Dickie Colburn-Don’t leave home without it


I don’t know that it is possible to have any better sponsors than I have in the fishing business, but I do not fish or promote any lures or tackle that I can’t rely on every day simply because it

Colburn Fishing


Just like “catching” better than “fishing”?  Now is the time to take advantage of a terrific redfish bite. The lure fishermen are getting it done in the bayous and lake while the bait fishermen are taking advantage of the river

Colburn – Never Take Warm for Granted

Dickie Colburn 8:47 AM (2 hours ago) to Record NEVER TAKE WARM FOR GRANTED It wasn’t until I leaned back on my 6”5” Laguna in a clumsy response to a jolting strike that all but dislodged the rod from my hands

A gift your fisherman won’t return

Capt. Belcher puts another over sized red back.

This is for anyone that has yet to buy their favorite fisherman or even Santa Claus a gift that can’t miss. Unlike most of the problems associated with any gift, other than money, you don’t have to worry about size

Right place at the right time


Jalen Simar and his 14 year old son, Carlton, shared a Thanksgiving they won’t soon forget. They had been on their deer stand early Friday morning less than an hour when they heard a shot echo through the woods.“We never