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Spinnerbaits shine in dirty water

Big redfish will readily inhale a spinnerbait. Any tackle geek knows they are the next great weapon in the angling arsenal, saltwater spinnerbaits have come to the coast and the redfish have a new enemy. They come in array of

March offers up different options

As we just finish flipping the calendar over and head straight into the month of March you can almost hear fishermen from Toledo Bend to the Gulf of Mexico rejoice. March is easily one of the favorite times to be

Cold fronts help to crank up duck and goose numbers

Lance Wolf shows off a gorgeous Eagle Head blue goose that was taken over the weekend.

Hunters and fishermen are two very separate groups that share a very common bond and that is the fact their success or failure often hinges on the same thing, weather. Very few people draw the type of criticism that a

High marks for weekend opener

The 2013-2014 hunting season has now officially begun and it could not have opened under better conditions. The weatherman cooperated and Texas hunters were greeted to chilly temperatures and plenty from the deer blind to the duck blind. The annual

Local duck hunters try new tactics as migration patterns change

“You remember when….” is a question that I am hearing all too often these days, especially when I am talking to water fowlers. Less than a decade ago our area marshes were a haven for all types of migratory birds,

Chuck Uzzle: It’s almost time


Sunday morning I stepped out of my garage before heading for church and was pleasantly surprised to hear my first flock of speckle bellied geese doing their unmistakable “yodel” that all waterfowl hunters are familiar with. The flock of about

Teal season opens to mixed reviews

Some local water fowl hunters have enjoyed outstanding action during the early teal season. RECORD PHOTO: Chuck Uzzle

Results for early teal season can best be described as a classic case of “have or have not”. For many hunters it was one end of the spectrum or the other and no in between. Rarely will you see birds

Septembers promise promotes marsh madness

Uzzle 091912 web

The sight of racks full of camo clothing, ATV’s loaded in trucks and on trailers, as well as aluminum boats full of blind material and happy retrievers means the wait is almost over. The 2013-14 hunting season  kicked off  September

Chuck Uzzle: Conquer the conditions and the crowds

The beautiful weather that is associated with the summer season has two definite sides, one that is pleasant and the other that is just down right nasty. During this most unstable time of the year it is often beneficial to

Dove hunters face multitudes of challenges


The sleek silhouette coasted over the tree line with that familiar darting flight pattern, the volley of shots only confirmed the obvious and the dove continued on its way toward the stock tank to get a much needed drink. This

Hunting season is around the corner

It’s amazing how one feeling seems to hit a group of people all at once. High school football players begin to get anxious as the first scrimmages and games are a matter of days away. The long summer is slowly

Magnum sized fish on mini sized plugs

Lure-UZZle. gcrrh

We have all had the perfect conditions not pay dividends, everything seems to be right but the results just don’t show anything for the effort. This scenario plays itself out many times over during an angler’s career, especially in the

O.C.A.R.C. makes winners of us all

Kilclare, Shannon Erne Waterway

The 26th annual O.C.A.R.C. Fishing Tournament is on tap for this weekend and the local fishermen are taking it awful serious. Starting at 5 p.m. on Aug. 2 and going through until 6p.m on Aug. 3. Bragging rights for the

Wade fishermen escape the heat only to challenge Mother Nature

A stealthy approach like wade fishing is a must for anglers looking to score a true trophy speckled trout.

The big center console finally drifts to a stop in the early morning darkness as the anchor rope comes tight. Solitary figures equipped with the latest gear that would make a NAVY Seal jealous slide over the gunnels into the

Two sides to summer fishing

uzzle_lone fisherman

For many of us the summer months mean different things when it comes to the sport of fishing. There are those who can only dream of clean blue prop wash, flat seas at dawn, and an endless expanse of gulf

Uzzle: Finding the spot is half the fun

The launch was uncrowded and the temperatures were already starting to climb as Ron Begnaud and I prepared to head out in search of some willing redfsih in the marsh. Begnaud, who lives in Lafayette Louisiana, is about as hard

Uzzle: Beat the heat with summer variety

Easily one of the most alluring features of Sabine Lake area is the fact that you can catch so many different species of fish in a relatively small area. The brackish water holds both fresh and saltwater fish in good

Lure size is key during the heat of summer

Picking the right sized plug or bait is a must during the summer months.

We have all had the perfect conditions not pay dividends, everything seems to be right but the results just don’t show anything for the effort. This scenario plays itself out many times over during an angler’s career, especially in the

Getting it done when they won’t bite on top

Redfish like this one caught by James Trimble will readily hit a swim or twitch bait.

“What in the heck are you gonna do with that” were the first words out of my partners mouth as I tied on a lure that was not saltwater worthy in his opinion. “Did you have a brain cramp and

Topwater plugs are versatile in deep water too

“That’s just stupid, that is just stupid” said my partner for the day Mike Mcbride, “I can’t believe you can get these fish to eat topwater plugs in 7 feet of water”.  Our drift along the east shore line of

Manners and common sense make fishing much more enjoyable

The sun has just broken the horizon to illuminate a relatively smooth lake surface, the temperatures are mild and the forecast is in the anglers favor. A short boat ride into the wide open expanse of Sabine is stopped so