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Finding your own “Hot Spot”

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this happen, Joe Angler reads the fishing report in the paper or hears about one at a local tackle shop and decides he better get down there because the fish

Big fish help to shake off the winter blues

As far as I am concerned late February and March has to be one the best times on the calendar for a wide variety of reasons. Spring is closing in and everything starts to heat up, especially the fishing. Anglers

Texas duckhunters prepare for final weekend

Texas duckhunters prepare for final weekendFor all those hunters who have spent the last couple of months waking early, fighting the weather, and staring at the skies in search of ducks it’s almost over. In what feels like the blink of an

Duck hunters flock to the coast for non-stop action

With time running out on the clock for duck hunters many have resorted to taking their game on the road. Putting miles on your gear is nothing new to waterfowlers as they constantly scout by boat or truck on almost

Deer hunters finish up, duck hunters change strategies

The 2014-15 deer season is nearing the end for the majority of the state of Texas and it seems like it just got started. For many local hunters this season has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for

Texas duck hunters set to crank back up

Hard to believe we are already half way done with the 2014-2015 duck season but it’s already here.  This weekend marks the opening of the second split for Texas duck hunters in the south zone while our neighbors to the

Duck season 1st split crawls to a close, goose numbers continue to build

The first half of duck season sputtered to a merciful end for most local hunters on Sunday and will not re-open until Dec 13th for the south Zone. Reports from all along the coast were almost mirror images of one

Goose hunters outlook improving

Uzzle art

I stood at the edge of my driveway with my head cocked to one side and a smile on my face, the big group of speckle bellied geese finally came into view and the picture was now complete. I turned to walk

Trophies on both ends of the spectrum

As hunters and fishermen we all have our own idea of what constitutes a trophy. Each individual has a different outlook or criteria that they measure their game against. There are even standardized organizations whose sole purpose is dedicated to

Great weather and a slow opener

The weatherman finally gave local hunters the forecast we have all desperately craved for quite some time, only problem was the birds and animals didn’t fully cooperate. The only thing good about this past weekend’s opener for many hunters was

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Trophies on the mind October is a special month for every hunter and fisherman for a variety of reasons and they are all good. Our first real crisp mornings generally show up in October and that triggers all kinds of

Fall fishing is the right time for kids

All along the Texas gulf coast the pattern is the same, cool fronts signal the much anticipated frenzy that is fall fishing. Anglers of every description ready themselves with the latest technology and gear in hopes of finding flocks of gulls working

Archery season opens up, drought concerns top list

Texas white tail deer hunters will get their first opportunity to chase that buck they have been dreaming of since last season ended as the 2014-15 season gets underway this Saturday. The archery only season should be a good bench

Teal season opens to mixed reviews

Opening weekend of early teal season can best be described as a classic case of “have or have not”. For many hunters it was one end of the spectrum or the other and no in between. Rarely will you see

Locals only or Worldwide?

“Pssst…..hey buddy? I got what you need, GPS coordinates, reef names, secretspots full of shell guaranteed to give you what you’re looking for. I got itall.” In a wide eyed frenzy the unsuspecting and overly enthusiastic anglerwho’s hungry for information

August means it’s time to switch gears

Uzzle duck dog

I know it’s tough to even imagine it, especially when the mercury is threatening to burst out the top of the thermometer, but hunting season is right around the corner. August is the month that gets everything kicked off, hunters and fishermen alike

Live bait choices make fishing interesting

No matter how hard lure manufacturers try they will never be able to create a lure that works better than real thing, period. The typical profile of the weekend angler is not that of the high end trophy trout hunter

Customize your favorite topwater and catch more fish

   More than once it has happened, you and your best fishing buddy are standing side by side using the same lure but only one of you is really catching fish. The next time this happens you need to examine

Customize your favorite topwater and catch more fish

More than once it has happened, you and your best fishing buddy are standing side by side using the same lure but only one of you is really catching fish. The next time this happens you need to examine you

Lure size is key during the heat of summer

Uzzle pic

 Smaller plugs will often increase your opportunities during the summer months. We have all had the perfect conditions not pay dividends, everything seems to be right but the results just don’t show anything for the effort. This scenario plays itself

Uzzle -Dog days of summer mean more options on the water


After weeks of constantly changing winds that have driven anglers crazy it seems that better days are officially here. The traditional summer programs are now actually fishable and anglers have more options than just hiding from the howling winds. Sabine