The West Orange-Stark Mustangs weren’t the only football team in mourning  over the weekend.

The Missouri Tigers have to wonder why the Bowl Championship Series  Committee hates them after they went from number one to done in the BCS Bowl series.

They lost two games (both to Oklahoma ) but they defeated Kansas who is going to the Orange Bowl to play Virginia  Tech.  Mizzou’s strength of schedule  was ranked 25 th and the Jayhawks schedule was ranked  109 th .

I really thought LSU was going to be the team that got the wrong end of  the taser gun after listening to the prognosticators Sunday morning but then I  realized that these were the same guys who announced Les Miles was going to Michigan on the morning of the SEC Championship.

You know it’s been a crazy season when a team with two losses is playing  for the title, but LSU deserves to be there against an Ohio State team who backed in after not playing the last two  weeks.

I’m excited for the Tigers but even more excited for Bradley Peveto who  gets a chance for a ring and a shot at becoming the next defensive coordinator  with Bo Pelini going to Nebraska .

You also know it’s been a crazy season when USC loses to a 41 point underdog (Stanford) and is now  playing in a BCS Bowl (Rose Bowl vs. Illinois ).

You know it’s been a crazy season when Michigan loses to Appalachian State and then to Oregon , then run their coach off, and still end up playing on  New Year’s Day in the Capital One Bowl against the defending national champs  from Florida .

The run for the national title is as close as the voting for the Heisman  Trophy.  The closest race for the  Heisman was in 1985 when Auburn ’s Bo Jackson beat Iowa QB Chuck Long by 45 points.  I think Florida ’s Tim Tebow will beat Arkansas ’ Darren McFadden with Missouri ’s Chase Daniel a close third.  Daniel really hurt his chances on  Saturday by not throwing a TD pass against Oklahoma , the first time all season he hasn’t thrown at least  one.

Well I know you still want to hear about the Mustangs 20-12 loss to Waco  LaVega considering the phone calls and emails I’m still  receiving.

Honestly it was such a nip and tuck ballgame that I didn’t realize the  lack of offense in the second half until my colorman John Kimbrough announced  the stats after the game and said, “Only 25 yards and no first  downs.”

I thought he was wrong but he wasn’t.  The team that was known for their second  half performance couldn’t produce despite having a 12-6 lead going into the  fourth quarter.
Actually, despite the outcome, it was a very good game.  Those Mustang fans who thought Waco La  Vega’s undefeated record was courtesy of a weak schedule didn’t leave thinking  that way.

You know how I feel about the kicking game so I won’t go over that  again.

LaVega was as big as advertised and I think they wore down the Mustang  lineman.  Then when All-District  center Brandon Allensworth was ejected late in the game it left a hole in the  line.  But more importantly to me  was the injury to Quintavious Garrett.

Despite beating Giddings without him, not having the 1-2 punch that  allowed them to walk over the district competition and Coldspring made the  offense half of what it was.  
The Mustang defense gave up a hundred yards rushing to both Parr brothers  and they finished with 305 in the game, but they played on a short field the  entire second half.

The Pirates started offensive possessions at the WOS 28, 39, and 38 while  two other drives ended in Mustang territory after the defense stopped them on  fourth down tries.

So to give up  only seven points with all the great field position was outstanding.  WOS let LaVega score the second TD so  they could get the ball back.  But  with 1:29 left it was not enough.

Still, the Mustangs proved once again that they don’t rebuild, they  reload, and the future looks brighter for the blue and silver.  

The Orangefield Bobcats basketball team won the Evadale Tournament while  the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears won the consolation bracket of the Cedar  Creek Tournament.  KOGT will carry  the Bears game Tuesday against the defending state champs from  Hardin-Jefferson.

Then we’ll be in Orangefield for the Bobcat Tournament at the end of the  week and the Bears will be one of the teams in the boys and girls  tournament.

One of my childhood idols died Friday.  Daredevil Evel Knievel passed away after  losing a battle with diabetes.  Here’s a guy who told the Grim Reaper to stick it time and  again.

After breaking nearly every bone in his body during his career he still  lived to be 69 years old.

I stopped everything I was doing on Saturday’s when he was going to  jump.  Knievel was the closest thing  I knew to a real-life Superhero.

With his red, white and  blue star uniform he would make you go “wow” with a great jump or get broken up  into pieces, only to come back and do it again.  I won’t forget him, and neither will the  scars on my body from jumping ramps on my bicycle.