On Nov, 7, 2007 the worship team from Well of Hope Christian Fellowship in Bridge City, Texas set out for Dallas to attend a “Worship Conference” at Christ for the Nations. Some of us left earlier and of course had to do a little shopping before going to the hotel. I found this purse with the clock on it and immediately feel in love with it. I wanted it but chose not to purchase it at that time however before we left the parking lot I went back and bought it.

Originally, I thought what a great joke it would be for my pastor if on Sunday I went to church and sat on the front row with my “clock” to let him know when it reached “12” “Times up,” I joked to the other worship leaders as I let them in on the joke I planned to play on my pastor Little did I know the joke was on me God has a great since of humor and can use anything to get our attention.

One of the classes I attended at this conference was on the significance of the cross and why we worship. He explained how the crucifixion is the main event in history (BC-Before Christ and AD-After Death) and to remove the crucifixion would be like removing the hinge in time. I know it may not sound like much but that is when I first started thinking about “time.”

As the conference progressed God started reminding me of how little “time” we have to worship Him, to witnesses for Him, to help lead His sheep back to the cross. Things really started “ticking” then.

I came home from the conference on fire and ready to share with everyone that Sunday what God had given me during the conference.

As I sat down early Sunday to compose my thoughts on what and how I wanted to convey to everyone, God reminded me of something I did on the last night of the conference. My clock purse had become heavy from all the stuff I had crammed in it during the conference so I went to the car and took some of the stuff out to lighten it and after the service I went to the car and put it all back in my purse. “Wow!” I suddenly realized this was what I had been doing. God was letting me know that I had been going to the cross and giving him just enough of my worries and concerns to lighten my heavy load but not giving Him everything and letting Him to take care of. Not trusting Him with everything and if that wasn’t enough I would go back to the cross and pick up everything I had given to God and stuffed it right back in my “spiritual purse,” making my load heavy again.

I am only “11” and this purse is very big. Eventually I will get tired of carrying it and get rid of the purse but God asked me how many times of me going back and forth to the cross would it take before I realized how little I am and how big He is and just give Him my whole “spiritual purse.”

One more thing God showed me was the battery in the clock is going to stop. We don’t know when but we do know it will. God asked me what is going to happen to the souls of everyone I am suppose to be witnessing to when their time runs out and their heart stops.

I have always been the one to witness if God opens the door but I have never felt comfortable just witnessing to people. God has let me know it my “time.”

My “time”to get back to the cross and give all my burdens to Him and let Him carry them .It’s “time” to teach my children why we even worship. It’s “time” to be a witness for Him.
I needed the door open and He flung it wide open because everyone that sees the purse comments on it and of course I have to share this.

“Time” is running out on each one of us. You may be like me and needed to be reminded of how little “time” we really do have to do Gods work or you may be one that doesn’t know God and may be one of the souls I am suppose to witness to before your “time” is up.

If you don’t know God as your Lord and Savior read the bible about the crucifixion and the torment He went through for you. Really read all the gory details of how they ripped His beard from His face, beat Him and ripped the flesh from His body. He went through all of that so that we didn’t have to. We only have to die to our flesh, ask forgiveness and say “Thank you Lord for dying on the cross for me.”

I would have compassion for a child that was losing his life and in desperate need of a heart transplant, but I would never sacrifice my child’s life to save that child but God did. He knew we were in desperate need of a heart transplant and knew the only way we could have everlasting life was to sacrifice His innocent son. He loved us that much.
What started out as a joke turned into this massive message I have to share. It no longer is just a purse to me, its a “Purse.”