In a few days, Christians will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Youngsters are looking forward with excitement to Christmas morning. Creaux and I haven’t even made Christmas plans yet.*****Let me tell you about next week’s paper. All editorial and ads must be submitted by this Friday, Dec. 21. The Record regular Tuesday delivery, which falls on Christmas Day, will be delivered on Wednesday. I tell you this because people, like Neighbor Cox, will wear themselves out Tuesday going out to see if their favorite newspaper has come yet.***** I’d better get going, I have a lot to report, plus a long, but good, faith and politics comment. So hop on board, come along; it won’t do you no harm.

In 1960, when John F. Kennedy became the first serious Catholic candidate for president, he faced long odds. Some of the same charges facing Mitt Romney today were obstacles for JFK. Catholics often were seen as a cult which worshiped statues. Protestants, mostly Baptist, preached that if you attended a Catholic service you were damned to hell. Likewise, Catholics were told you couldn’t get to Heaven if you married outside the Faith. Down the campaign trail, the story was that if Kennedy were elected, he would be guided by the Vatican and would confer with the Pope on all major United States policies.
The same extreme Christian Right thinking is what has dogged Romney over his Mormon faith and propelled Huckabee. A course this column predicted when he was at only two percent approval. George Bush was sold the same way to the American people. There are radical Evangelical believers that put their faith over the country’s well being. Alone, it’s not enough to elect anyone, but politics in their church is enough to stop a good, qualified candidate.
We all know that Romney, one of the brightest business minds in the country, has much more to offer the country than Huckabee. Yet, the religion issue has Huckabee leading now in places where Romney has spent millions. He has lost the lead strictly over his faith, issues and governing has nothing to do with it.
Since John Kennedy, being Catholic doesn’t carry the stigma it did before his election. He was the right person at the right time to carry the Catholic banner and be elected. Good looking, rich and articulate, some of the same traits as Romney, only the faith is different. So, what happened since JFK? Five Catholics are running for president, four are Democrats, Biden, Dodd, Kucinich, and Richardson, and Giuliani, a Republican. Giuliani is not favored by the Christian Right. On the other hand, four candidates are of the Baptist faith, Huckabee, Hunter, Paul and McCain, but not one Baptist on the Democratic side. 
I don’t believe race and gender play to the radical element like faith does, even though there has never been a black or woman elected as president. For different reasons, there is still, among some in the white race, racial bias. Ironically, they are some of the same people who don’t believe a woman is equal or capable of doing the job. They will not vote for either one regardless of qualifications.
Along that line, Barack Obama is not qualified to be president. It has nothing to do with race. For the most part, he’s just an image started by Oprah and fanned by her. He’s very intelligent and sells himself well. He also holds the bottom of all the candidates on qualifications and experience. A couple of years in the U.S. Senate, and he has never introduced any major legislation and his platform is weak. He promotes himself not the real issues. He has absolutely no foreign policy experience. I can’t believe Americans would pass on Al Gore and John Kerry, with their governmental knowledge, and then turn around and elect Obama. He’ll never reach the White House, not because of race or religion, he’s a Church of Christ member, but because it’s a dangerous world with complex problems.
Our country domestically faces tremendous problems with a recession looming ahead. The middle and working classes are being pushed down daily. In the past six years, the top one percent has out earned the bottom twenty percent.
The two most qualified candidates from each party, I believe, are Sen. John Biden and Sen. John McCain, who definitely have earned their stripes. Biden never had a chance money wise, McCain, because of past views, is not trusted by the “Extreme Religious Right” that is causing him the nomination by going to Huckabee.
For the first time in our history a woman, Hillary Clinton, has a chance to become president. She has all the tools if she can get the nomination. The odds favor her to become the first female leader of the free world. I have to believe women, Democrat and Republican alike, who have watched over the years, their gender be suppressed in the work place and generally considered not to be able to function in leadership as well as a man, will vote in mass for Sen. Clinton in the general election.
My personal belief is that Hillary would be the best president since Franklin D. Roosevelt. She has the know-how; she will put together a great cabinet, including Sen. Biden. Her advisers will see that she governs well for two reasons, she will be carrying the torch for every little girl born in this country and secondly, if she fails it would be a 100 years before a woman was given a chance again. She needs Gore, Kerry and Kennedy’s endorsements.

The two worse leaders for America are Obama and Guiliani. Huckabee swings too far to the right, leaving Romney and McCain as best choices. Hillary Clinton is a proven candidate and also tested by sitting next to a successful president for eight years and becoming one of the country’s best U.S. senators. John Edwards is the alternate for the Demos. He may lean too far to the left to be elected against a Romney or McCain even though the polls now show he could win. Personally, I believe he would be a good president but not as good as Clinton.
I’d like your comments and would appreciate hearing from you on my views or yours. Leave out the poison, just your sincere beliefs. Send to or P.O. Box 1008, 77611.

30 Years Ago-1977
For the third year in a row, lights on the 110 foot high oilfield derrick were lit by the Orangefield Lions Club, calling it the world’s largest Christmas derrick. Located on Cow Bayou, just off of Hwy. 105, it has 140 large bulbs.*****The MacArthur Drive-In movie is showing Ron Howard in “Eat My Dust” and “Grand Theft Auto.”*****Make plans to attend the big New Year’s Eve dance at the VFW, featuring Doug Childress and the Stampedes.*****Some of the special people around to celebrate the Christmas Season are James Kirby Conn, Cecil Beeson, Judge Sid Caillavet, Sheriff Chester Holts, Bubba Hubbard, Louis Dugas, Asa Mansfield, Betty Em Giarratano, Gordon Baxter, Dewey Cox, Rev. W.W. Kennedy, Ron Decker, Fred Gregory, W.T. Oliver, Judge James Neff, J.B. Bearden, Nolton Brown, Joe Dupuy, Mead Graves, TL and Bussy Gunn, Harold Beeson, Butch Lusingnon, Tim Lieby, Sheriff Ed Parker, Jimmy Segura, Commissioner Morris Collier, Jackie Harmon, Commissioner Raymond Gould, Max Boatman, Mayor Major Inman, Ed Bacon, Joe Blanda, Joe Runnels, Bob Montagne, Judge Malcolm Dorman, Elmer Newman, who celebrates a birthday on Christmas Day and Poet Ernest Willard Frank. (Editor’s note: Sadly all of the above mentioned great people, who were so much a part of our community and lives are now deceased.)*****Orange County folks are still waiting for Gov. Dolph Briscoe to name a judge for the 260 th Dist. Court. Speculations continued that Att. George Baron is still thought to be the forerunner but some people on the know say Don Burgess, the only announced candidate, will be appointed in January.*****The West Orange-Stark head coach is Steve McCorty. Director of the band is Don Miller.*****Emory Bellard is A&M head coach.*****Ed Peveto is head coach at Orangefield.*****Andy Griffin is coach at Bridge City. He has a mess of Barney Fifes.*****A great Christmas gift is a 1977 Malibu from Harmon Chevrolet. It will set you back $4,588.*****James D. Stringer announces he will be a candidate for county judge. He is running for the position now held by Judge Pete Runnels, who is seeking re-election. Stringer is a former justice of the peace. (Editor’s note: Stringer lost to Runnels but came back and won four years later. The two gentlemen faced each other three times but still remain good friends even today. This day and time, folks think opponents are supposed to hate each other. In years past, the candidates understood that no one owned an office, it belongs to the people. You roll the dice and the people choose the winner. If you lose, you move on.)

Here’s a beautiful story with a great ending. Many years ago Ann and Miles Hall married and had three children, Miles Jr., Becky and Linda. After divorcing, Ann married W.T. Oliver and Miles married Pat, a wonderful lady who passed away a few years ago, as did W.T. Through all those years Ann and Miles shared their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. They lived happy lives with their spouses but never lost the love for each other. In the next few days, they will remarry to live their lives out together and their children couldn’t be happier. We extend best wishes to this fine couple for a long, healthy, happy life. *****The area lost a good man and the area’s greatest historian with the death of W.T. Block, 87, who passed away Saturday, Dec. 16. He had published several books on Southeast Texas along with many historical articles and journals. No one ever compiled a better history of our area. A chronicle that will live throughout the centuries ahead. This writer personally conferred with him on several occasions. He was truly the authority on Southeast Texas. *****What got into Dunn? He wrote two columns for this issue. You never know about Roy. He works when the urge hits him and doesn’t get a pay cut. *****Jane Fonda turns 70 on Dec. 21. Diane Sawyer will be 62 on Dec. 22. Still two good-looking gals. Maybe it’s true that 60 is the new 40. *****Let me tell you about a great Christmas party. It’s Saturday night at the VFW in Starks, Louisiana, on Hwy. 12, 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Now here’s the good part. Jivin Gene and the great band “Eazy” will be entertaining. Gene stopped by the Creaux’s Nest and promised a great time. For reservations, call 1-337-743-6409.*****The Houston Astros land shortstop Miguel Tejada that means Adam Everett became a free agent and signed with the Minnesota Twins. Here is what the line up will look like, Michael Bourn, centerfield, average .277; Kaz Matsui, second base, .288; Tejada, shortstop, .296; Lance Berkman, first base, .278; Carlos Lee, left field, .303; Hunter Pence, right field, .322; Ty Wigginton, third base, .278; Brad Ausmus, center field, .235. The question is, with Roy Oswalt pitching every fifth game, who’s going to throw the other four? That’s what Margie Stephens would like to know plus, can Tejada produce without “Roids.” *****Same sex couples plan to celebrate New Hampshire’s new civil unions law by holding a group ceremony on Jan. 1. It is estimated that 3,500 to 4,000 same sex couples will tie the knot in 2008. Same gender couples will have the same rights that married couples have. Grandma flipped over again. *****Kody Clemens, Roger’s 21-year-old son, is switching from third base to catcher in the Astro’s top class A team in Salem, VA. Is there a Clemens-Clemens battery in the future? Not likely, but you never know with Roger. I believe the steroid charge did him in.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a great time at Tuffy’s. Host Van Choate saw to it that the food was good and plentiful. Server Tammy Yawn did her usual great job of quick service. Missing among the group were Judge Joe Parkhurst, who was in the hospital, and Judge Derry Dunn, recouping from double knee surgery. Judges Janice Menard and Rodney Price filled in and were handling J.P. chores countywide. New Pct. 2 Constable Dee Aven joined the lively group, as did WWII Vet Cedric Stout. Wilson Roberts couldn’t resist the gumbo despite pulling a wisdom tooth two hours earlier. A special guest was former county commissioner Don Cole who was accompanied by his lovely daughter Mary Alice. Don had been under the weather since suffering a stroke but hasn’t lost his appetite. Sprad worried throughout the meal that Corky would run off and leave him. The Lunch Bunch will gather at Robert’s Restaurant Wednesday, 12 noon. Everyone welcome.*****We were sorry to hear about Wallace Stanley’s illness. He has been diagnosed to have pancreatic cancer. We pray for his well being. Wallace is one of the great guys. He works for the Road and Bridge department at the Pct. 3 barn. Commissioner Dubose was visibly affected by the news. “It’s a sad time,” he said.*****Word reached us last week that Ray Perry had suffered a stroke. We hope he is doing better.*****Our friend Vivian Dorman is facing a tough situation but she’s a tough gal. Our prayers are with her.*****Also, longtime Bridge City resident Bill Collins, a great guy, is fighting big odds. We also pray for the best for Bill.*****Bobby Cormier and the Well Service held the annual Christmas feed Friday for employees and friends. The food, prepared by K-Dan’s, Kenneth Smith and Danny Brack, was exceptional. The deserts are always unbeatable.*****We ran into our good friend Nancy Vincent. She’s looking great. She’s been walking daily, before daylight, and also counting calories. She and Gary celebrated their 11 th anniversary on Dec. 13.*****Our longtime, special buddy, Ann Segura, will celebrate her birthday Dec. 26.*****Former writer Wilda Martin celebrates her day on Christmas Day.*****Corky and Betty Harmon celebrated their 50 th anniversary with a trip to Las Vegas last weekend. The trip was furnished by daughter Debbie.*****Unbelievable. We just got a report that the United States borrows $1 billion a day. That’s dollars folks. Thanks for those Conservatives.*****Our condolences to Micaela, Mrs. Carl Thibodeaux and her family on the death of her mom, Ouida Mae Lasserre, age 84, who passed away Dec. 10. (Please see obit.)

Daniel Brocklehurst, Dyann Schiler, Gloria Brown, Jill Vaughn, Julia Alleman, Marcu McLellan, Mitch Hidalgo, Raymond Hughes, Ruth Fournier, Bill Cardner, Janet Holland, Shelby Vogt, Stacey Bates, Andrew Havens, Elizabeth Parish, Majed Jaarah, Marion Martin, Matt Reeves, Rick Deutsch, Bill Bailey, Glenda Granger, Paula Hall, Phyllis Broussard, Rachel Guidry, Rodney Harmon, Yvonne Veillon, Clevie Fontenot, James Robbins, Charlee Lemons, Dale Burns, Debi Foster, Jane Holton, Sue Cowling, Terri Estes, Helen DeRoche, Lewis Sims, Mary Jane McCune, Mike Dillion, Ronnie Hutchison, Rushia Mae Cooper, Velma Theriot, Tracey Lynn Broussard, Inez Hearn, Joy Young
Clovis Thibodeaux stuck a splinter deep, deep under his fingernail so he went to see Doctor Goslow Comeaux. Da doctor him said, “Clovis, I know dat must hurt bad.” “I’m gonna have to stick a needle in you finger to deaden so I can dig dat outta dere.”
Thibodeaux say, “Doc, just pull it out.”
Da doctor answer, “Mais Clovis, dats gonna hurt bad, bad.”
Clovis tell him, “Dats o.k. doc, me I done already had da two worse pains dere is in da world, just get it out.”
Doc Comeaux say, “O.k. but you don’t understand how bad it’s gonna hurt.”
Thibodeaux holds still him, sweating buckshot. Doc Comeaux finally dig dat big splinter out den he say, “Clovis, I just wouldn’t believe it dat you could stand dat much pain. I just gotta know me, wat was da two worst pains in da world?”
Thibodeaux say, “Well doc, I was duck huntin awhile back in da swamp when here come some of dem ducks. I stoop down in dat water to hide wen one of dem nutria traps got me right in da groin.” “Boy, doc, dat was da second worse pain in da world.”
Da doc say, “Keyaw, dat must of hurt bad, but wat could be worse dan dat, hanh?”
Clovis say, “Doc, da worse pain was when I got to da end of dat chain.”
During this holiday season, we have many reasons to be thankful. It is because of supporters such as you, our faithful readers, that The Record Newspapers have been successful all these years. We are grateful for your encouragement and support. This holiday season is about taking time to be thankful for all of our blessings and friends like you who support your community, locally owned, newspaper. We also want to thank all of our military personnel scattered around the globe who are unable to be with their families but are reading us on the web. We want them to know we appreciate and thank them for their sacrifices. Happy Holidays. We wish you the best and look forward to your continued support. Take care and God bless.