Christmas is a time for giving to the less fortunate and two ladies from Orangefield have found a special way to give.

“For years and years we have always taught our children that Christmas is a time for giving and not receiving. Well, this year these two wonderful people have gone above and beyond,” wrote Stephanie Edgerly.

Mrs. Fountain ,Student Council Sponsor, of Orangefield Junior High and eighth grader, Erica Edgerly, Student Council President decided to donate their tresses to “Locks of Love.” Both ladies cut more than 12 inches of their hair to give to an organization that uses the hair to create wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness, cancer or some other cause. Each pony tail will be packaged and sent to “Locks of Love” for Christmas.

Orangefield Junior High Student Council is always trying to think of ways to help someone in our community.

Mrs. Edgerly wrote, “Mrs. Fountain has gone way beyond her call of duty as a teacher over the past several years to help those in need. OJH would like to thank both of these wonderful ladies for everything they do.”

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