At risk of enraging hordes of fire-breathing kamikaze type fanatics, I’m going to categorically state that this earth will never voluntarily conserve oil, control global warming, or stop sin.

 Oh, we have plenty of well-meaning folks warning us, but I’ve noticed something over the last several decades. Those zealots who climb out of the woodwork are simply recycling old remedies to solve modern problems.

Sound vague? Well, it probably is because most of what these people suggest is vague, the product of well-meaning (remember, I said well-meaning) individuals who have only a foggy concept of the dynamics controlling this earth.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the dinosaurs were wrong, but they’re dead so they weren’t. Maybe what few polar bears remaining are wrong. But the sobering truth is that in the great scheme of our world, global warming is here and here to stay until Mother Nature decides it is time to retreat back into an ice age.

If there are solutions, they are not simple.

Remember thirty years ago when the oil crisis hit?

What were we told?

Stop and think. In regard to our automobiles, we were instructed to drive slower, maintain air pressure, no choppy stops and starts, fill up in the morning, put fuel in slowly, and don’t fuel when tankers are filling the pumps.

In respect to our dwellings, we were told fix all drips in the house (not counting your little brother), seal all windows and doors, stick a brick in the commode (the tank, not the bowl) to reduce water usage, use florescent bulbs, turn down the hot water heater, hang solar screens, use plastic Christmas trees, utilize sun in winter, shade in summer, and in general insulate your home well. Some even went as far as to say cut off pilot lights of a gas stove and use a lighter to ignite the burners.

All of these expediencies, claimed the pundits and activists, would lessen our dependency on oil.

You tell me, are we using less oil than thirty years ago? Of course not.

And now today, the Chicken Littles are claiming that doing all of this same stuff will slow global warming.

I fail to see how a dripping faucet will affect anything except my water bill by a few cents.

Don’t misunderstand, I agree that a well-insulated house will save you money, and that in turn will cut down on fuel costs, and using less fuel means less discharge into the atmosphere.

I also agree the burgeoning world population adds to global warming. And I agree a hundred years from now, some coastal cities will be facing momentous decisions like how do we build ten-foot dams around our cities.

Now, I do applaud the efforts countries around the world are making to bring global warming under control. And perhaps we can temper the phenomenon somewhat. (I don’t think so) But, even if we slow it, it will continue.

Good grief, look back at our planet for the last hundreds of thousands of years. Look how it has changed. And it will continue to change. Beneath the surface, immeasurable forces continue their exorable shifting. As long as there are shear cracks in the earth, there will be large-scale tectonic movement of regional plates that bring about inexorable changes. The plain, simple truth is this earth is always changing and will continue to do so until it explodes.

Even today, Yellowstone Park is sitting over one of the largest super volcanoes in the world, one scientists have been watching for years.

That sucker goes, and we can forget about dripping water faucets.

I’m not very swift, but I’ve noticed in my years on this wonderful planet that if Mother Nature puts her mind to do something, none of our puny efforts will stop her.

Trust me, turning off the stove’s pilot lights will not subdue global warming. And I wouldn’t dare hazard a guess what impact it might have on sin.