Creaux and I welcome the warm weather. Let those Yankees have what we had two days last week. After all, they have the hot hand to pick who will govern us. Tuesday’s New Hampshire primaries could go a long way toward picking our next president and the prospect of who it would be worries me. Before the U.S. invaded Iraq, in this column I wrote that any Democrat who voted for the authorizing and financing of the war would some day have to answer for their action because it was a mistake. Today, they are paying for that error. No candidate is leading that approved it. Shamefully, it will over shadow their other qualities. Change is a phony reason to elect someone. What are their fundamental changes that will affect the economy, etc? It’s like 10 percent off of a sale, 10 percent off of what? That’s why I don’t approve of political jokes. I’ve seen too many of them get elected. I received an e-mail signed Bob. He said, “If Barack is elected, America will be a monarchy and Oprah will be the queen.” Just remember Bob, like the queen, she already has all the money, 14 homes and a billion in the bank. What else is there to get?
At home, the race is on and the candidates are out of the chute. Four precincts have constable races. I’m impressed with the quality of the candidates, 16 in all. In Precinct 1 and 2, with five and six candidates, the vote will be cut up like Ms. Shugert’s Boarding House pie. I believe 300 votes will get any of them in the runoff. The sheriff’s race will get hotter than Grandma’s old wood stove. There again, you have three, well-qualified candidates. Today’s sheriff is more of a manager than a law enforcement officer. Who can best manage and lead a large department is what the voter will have to decide. Are they satisfied or feel a change is justified. The incumbent sheriff, Mike White, is facing opposition from former sheriff Huel Fontenot and constable Keith Merritt. Yankees get to pick our presidents but we get to pick our own peace officers with 19 professional lawmen to choose from. The election is really right around the corner and the candidates have a lot of ground to cover. March 4 is only seven more of our publications away.
Penny tells me an e-mail wants to know who Creaux believes was the best and worst presidents. The best in my lifetime on foreign policy and economy were Franklin Roosevelt and Bill Clinton. The worst were Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush. Ronald Reagan was the best communicator but about fifth on my list of best. If it wasn’t for Watergate, Nixon might be fourth on foreign policy and economy.  Oh well, enough joshing, I’ve gotta get going. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.
There is no doubt in my mind that the George W. Bush administration is driving the presidential primaries, both Republican and Democratic. Voters have become discontented with government and politics due to the Bush years, with the invasion of Iraq, the longest war in our history, nearly 4,000 American youth killed, another 30,000 injured, 200,000 veterans homeless and a trillion dollar cost. The worst management of government in our history, with Bin Laden, our first priority, still sending messages, an administration filled with corruption of vast proportions, the American people bombarded with one fear attack after another, a national debt that has doubled in seven years. We now have a deficit unparalleled, after inheriting a surplus. No wonder the American voters feel that the system has failed them. That’s why the very best candidates are being pushed backward and the voters are buying into a phony selling job that sells change. Experience and qualifications are thrown out the window. We can thank George Bush and Dick Cheney for that.
The two least qualified to be president in this dangerous world, Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama, are leading and God forbid that they should ever become president. In Obama’s case, he was created and packaged. Oprah introduced him to America, went on the Larry King show and endorsed him, then went on the stump for him. It’s worked. Other then the timing being right, Obama is no George Bush. He’s smart and a good orator but on qualifications they are equal. The American voter passed on those far more ready to serve, to elect Geo. Bush twice. Obama has been packaged but has no foreign policy experience. With Republican gas at $3 a gallon, he has no energy plan either. After two years in the senate he hasn’t introduced or passed one bill. His state senate record is ‘wild eyed liberal.’ He has done a flip-flop from what he is saying today. All of the Fox News crew has hammered Sen. Clinton daily, also Chris Mathews, MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ and the radio ‘Talking Heads.’ She’s strong just to stand up to it. However she still remains professional and is the most qualified left in the Demo race. I’m afraid the American people will buy into the spin and we will end up with a Jimmy Carter moment. A good guy, a bad leader. Gov. Mike Huckabee is a one-dimensional candidate, the Evangelical Christian Right. I doubt he can be elected so I don’t believe he will get the nomination. McCain has forgotten more than all the above candidates know. The same with Hillary Clinton. Both are ready to lead now. Obama and Huckabee will have to do what George Bush did, get themselves a Cheney to run their government because they are not ready for leadership.
We were sorry to hear about the death of Carl Sanders Sr., 85, who passed away Jan. 4. Services will be held Jan. 9 at Second Baptist Church in Bridge City, 2:30 p.m. Mr. Sanders and wife Winona raised a great family and were community minded citizens. The Texaco retiree was also a U.S. Navy WWII veteran. Another good man from the Greatest Generation has left us. *****Also condolences to the family and friends of Dorothy Ives, 85, who died Jan. 5. Funeral services for the longtime Orange County resident will be held Wednesday at 3 p.m. at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. Mrs. Ives served as Extension agent from 1963 to 1983. She was a wonderful lady. May she rest in peace.*****Services will also be held Wednesday for Evelyn Laughlin, 90, who passed away Jan. 4. Services will be held at 11 a.m. at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. Visitation will be Tuesday from 5 to 9 p.m. Our deepest sympathy to the family on their great loss. (Please see obits.)
30 Years Ago-1978
Joe Christie, a candidate for United States Senate, names H.D. Pate, of Bridge City, Bobby Houseman of Vidor, Frank Zeto, Dewey Cox and Dr. H.F. Rudeseal, of Orange, as coordinators of his 26-member Orange County Steering Committee. Other members are Sidney Bilbo, Carolyn Bourque, Ken Snider, Nolton Brown, Roy Dunn, Fred Early, Flo Edgerly, Doug Harrington, James Roberts, Bertie Ferguson, Walter Schexnyder, Ham Laughlin, C.W. ‘Bubba’ Hubbard, Raymond Stephenson, Arthur Simpson, Bert Mires, Thomas ‘Tick’ Granger, Bob Hollier, Tommy Green, Larry Hunter and Jimmy Singletary. (Editor’s note: Over the years more than half of the above mentioned have died. The committee was made up of the most active Democratics. Christie carried Orange County by a large margin but wasn’t elected. Republican John Tower won.)*****Newly-appointed District Court Judge Don Burgess is being challenged by County Court Judge Grover Halliburton.*****County Judge Pete Runnels will face James Stringer.*****District Judge David Dunn is honored by Camp Fire Girls after serving four years as president. Leon Parish is honored with a lifetime membership after 22 years service as a board member. Mrs. Jo Pruter also honored for 22 years as board secretary.*****When Julia Fudge, police secretary, broke her arm playing volleyball, husband Dennis relieved the pain by giving her a new, blue Thunderbird for Christmas.*****Hank Eckhardt is police chief, C.R. Nash is city manager and P.P. Brown is pound master in B.C.*****Julia Bacom, county auditor, celebrated her birthday Jan. 5.*****Kent Hannegan celebrates on Jan. 13.*****Montgomery Wards on 16th. Street, will never again be the same; Fain Holbrook went to work there this week. He joined Inez Hearn, Jim Penny and Joe.*****A paper collection drive is being held to help defer expenses incurred by the sickness and unfortunate death of seven-year-old Daenam Denison. The paper is being collected by Crip Trahan.*****Mr. And Mrs. Wallace LeBouef celebrated 36 years of marriage on Jan. 5.
The Orange Chamber banquet will be held Jan. 15. We understand it is sold out. Our apologies to Pete and Patty Cloeren who were selected ‘Citizens of the Year.’ We missed reporting it last week. The word never got to us due to a communication problem. This fine couple was a great choice and we congratulate them.***** On Jan. 16, the South East Texas Regional Planning Commission will hold their annual banquet. They will announce the winner of the prestigious Francis K. Monk award and name new officers.*****The Bridge City High Class of 1968 will hold it’s 40th reunion on May 17. They are looking for classmates. Please call +, 337-583-3199 or Phyllis McGee Stephenson, 745-2747.*****Larry Monceaux has the sign of the week hanging in his barber shop. It reads, “A WORKING MAN VOTING FOR A REPUBLICAN IS LIKE A CHICKEN VOTING FOR COL. SANDERS.”*****Happy birthday to our little buddy Collin Slade Gros, (‘Billy Jack’ or ‘Lefty’) to some of us. He’s a great kid, funny and quite a dresser. I hope that’s not getting ready to change. He will be a teenager come Jan. 10. In most cases, at age 13, they all of a sudden seem to know everything. That boy is really the cat’s meow. Here’s hoping he stays the same because he’s cool.*****Specialist Travis Nelson will be coming home to Bridge City on Jan. 12 after serving 15 months in Iraq. He’s the late Rick Nelson’s boy. Rick, a longtime Pinehurst peace officer, died last March. Travis’s plane will arrive at Jefferson County Airport at 1:50 p.m. As a community, we have the opportunity to welcome this young soldier home. Make plans to do so. Travis is a 2005 graduate of Bridge City High. His mother Alma, sister Kari and brother Paul invite you to join them at the airport for a Patriot Guard escort from the airport to B.C.*****In just three weeks, longtime Cajun radio personality ‘Tee Bruce’ will retire from his Sunday morning radio show.*****Speaking of Cajuns, Tony and Karen Fuselier hosted a bunch of Cajun musicians at their home Sunday. I understand it was quite a party, plus Karen is one heck of a cook. Jesse Domingue and the old guys are great musicians. Sorry we missed it.*****Ken Ritter died last week. He helped a lot of young entertainers. The ex mayor of Beaumont was Ms. Virginia’s cousin. That’s Neighbor Cox’s only claim to fame, his wife was kin to Tex Ritter. *****It’s the Giants and Cowboys. Matt Bryant and the Bucs were knocked out of the playoffs by New York. Orange County still has one native, Coach Wade Phillips on the road to the Super Bowl.*****I heard Roger Clemens on ’60 Minutes’ and I still believe he should have the benefit of innocence unless absolutely proved guilty. I don’t believe Brian McNamee is a credible person, plus I believe he made a deal. Roger’s a national hero. Either way, it’s a crying shame and affects our youngsters.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a lot of regulars absent last week at Tuffy’s. Most were still on holiday leave. However, a nice group broke bread. David Vandagriff even brought his lovely wife Martha. David oughtta stay home and send her out to politic. Other folks asking for your support in attendance were Constable Weldon Peveto, Huel Fontenot and Constable Keith Merritt. All four Justices of the Peace attended and by far Judge Janice was the prettiest. Everyone wants her to sit next to them because she’s nice, smells good and laughs at their jokes. The group will gather at Robert’s Restaurant, 12 noon, Wednesday. Everyone welcome.*****Linda ‘Granny’ and Dale Newton are going to be the grandparents of twins. Daughter-in-law Jennifer and son Christopher are expecting twins Friday. That will give them five children and Granny and Dale 19 grandchildren. Congrats to all.*****Happy anniversary to Tana and Tommy Thompson on Jan. 8. Tommy will also celebrate a birthday on Jan. 11. *****We also congratulate Thursday, Jan. 10, our good buddies Cindi and Chris Gunn who will celebrate 20 years. Cindi just keeps getting prettier with age. Creaux and I always thought she should have been in Hollywood.***** Susan and Jeff Eby will celebrate their big day on Jan. 11.
Mel Campbell, Bill Collins, Ken Steppe, Pat Gunstream, Ralph Buker, Susan Kelly, Evelyn Duncan, Frank Skeeler, Sandy Uzzle, Scott Gerrald, Emily Breaux, Ann Olliff, Ashley Rion, Davie Thompson, Fermin Brown, Grant Gibson, John Craus. Madeline Dawn Evans, Teresa Franklin, Beth Lindner, Bill Braus, Charles Pou, Dana Sandlin, David Pendergast, Jimmie Allen, Lynnette Lothman, Susan LeBlanc, Jack Stout, Mandy Jaarah, Patricia Coppage, Rob Fisher, Tommy Thompson, Carson Peet, Joy Hughes, Margaret Cavanaugh and Tyler Reves.
Peanut Comeaux, 11 years old, went from Breaux Bridge to Bryan, Texas, to spend da Christmas vacation with his aunt, Tootsie Fontenot. He was walking down College Street when he saw a little boy being attacked by a large Pit Bull. Peanut him, ran and jumped on dat dog’s back. After prying da dogs teet from da little boy’s body, he put da dog in a choke hold and held on until dat dog was dead him. Da local newspaper editor, Mr. Thompson, happened to witness this feat. After he call 911 on his cell phone, he ran over to da young hero and said, “Son, dat was one of da bravest things I have ever seen.” “You’re going to make tomorrow’s headline dat will read, “Texas A&M fan risk his life to save youngster from Pit Bull attack.” Peanut say, “Dats nice Mr. but I’m not an Aggie fan.” Da editor said, “OK, it will say University of Texas fan.” Peanut say, “I’m not a Longhorn fan.” “OK, den it will read Rice fan.” Peanut answer, I’m not an Owl fan.” Editor Thompson, somewhat irritated, axed, “Den, who is your favorite team? Peanut answer, “LSU Tigers.” The next morning da Daily Eagle headline read, “BELOVED FAMILY PET MURDERED BY LITTLE COONASS.”
I don’t want to bore you with politics but by the time you read this, the New Hampshire primary will be big news. A movement is like a snowball rolling down the mountain. It grows, gathers speed and is hard to stop. That’s what is happening to Barack Obama’s campaign. My Republican friends are licking their chops, hoping for an Obama win in N.H. They say if they can bump Huckabee, a one-dimension candidate off, replace him with Rudy, McCain or Romney, they can hold the White House. They say once the veneer is pulled off of Obama, there is nothing underneath and they will expose him. What the Democrats are worried most about, the established true core Democrats, is that they were hoping to gain six to eight Senate seats and with Obama at the top of the ticket, they fear they may not hold what they’ve got. It’s not over yet, but if Hillary loses three in a row, Iowa, N.H. and South Carolina, it will be hard for her to make progress. The money may dry up and every pundant will get on Obama’s bandwagon. I recall a movement like this for Gary Hart. He was unstoppable until he got caught naked on a yacht with a model.***** Federal Court upholds Texas’ moment of school silence statute. Last week a Federal District Judge upheld and ensured that Texas school children are free to begin each day by voluntarily reflecting, meditating or praying before school. The Court concluded, thoughtful contemplation is a valid secular purpose, to institute a moment of silence not to advance or inhibit religion.*****Exxon Mobile’s last quarter report shows that they earned $40 billion. Why are we paying $3 a gallon for gasoline then? I guess the answer is in the question.*****The LSU Tigers became national champions by beating Ohio State. Cajuns scattered around the globe are celebrating today.*****Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.

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