All 32-year-old Sheri Pecorino wanted was a healthy baby, she had waited so long to have her first child.

Micah Miller was born six months ago with Congenital Diaphragm Hernia, a birth defect and a life threatening illness. He was given a 60% chance to live.

“When I found out (about his condition) it was very devastating,” said Pecorino. “I did everything by the book.”

“His father (Marcus Miller) was shocked, mostly,” said Pecorino

CDH occurs in one out of 2500 births. His mother said, “They do not know how it is caused. His right diaphragm did not form, which caused his liver and his intestines to move up into his chest cavity, pushing his heart into the left side of his body.”

His lungs are underdeveloped, because of the organs being in the way, causing them not to grow. The trachea and bronchomalacia is caused from  his organs being in the chest cavity. This did not give them a chance to mature and harden like they should have. He is on a ventilator, and will be for an extended period of time. Without the ventilation, his lungs collapse and stop his oxygen flow.  “It is more common to happen on the left side.  The right side is very rare.”

A mesh patch was inserted surgically to correct the abnormality. It is acting as a diaphragm. He is currently hospitalized in Texas Children’s Hospital.

“The doctors feel this will get better over time,”  said Pecorino.

She said, “All I knew was that it was in God’s hands, and he would not give me anything more than I could handle.”

To help out with the enormous medical expenses, friends and family members are holding a benefit starting at 11 a.m., Jan. 20, at VFW Post #4759, in Starks, La.

They will be selling barbeque plates consisting of brisket and links with all the trimmings for $6. Link Sandwiches will be available for $3.

For large quantity pre-sale dinners call Ione Buxton at 409-746-3241 (Big order deliveries are available)

Raffle tickets will be on sale for one dollar with the winner of the first drawing receiving a Mossberg 270 Rifle, second drawing wins $200 Cash Drawing will take place the day of the benefit. You do not need to be present to win.

There will be an all day auction and garage sale, live music from the Southern Boys and others, dancing, plus a washer board tournament with prizes.

The washer tournament will start at one o’clock

If you would like to help out by can’t attend the benefit, donations can be made at any Community Bank.  The account number is 5006165.    

For more information contact Tracey Stidham, (409) 988-8131.

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