A frost showed up this morning and I didn’t protect our peppers at the Bucket Farm. I understand there is more cool weather on the way. I had a good visit with Neighbor Cox. I always enjoy those times. *****Our longtime friend, Doug Harrington, came in from his farm and gave me the latest hog report. He’s starting to make me yearn for retirement. If I had his money, I probably would. *****Sheriff Huel Fontenot stopped by. Wife Mary had gone to College Station to look after the grandchild while Amy recovers from minor surgery. Mary’s in her glory when baby-sitting. Huel says it’s not too good for hot meals. *****A couple of businesses will be changing hands and a couple of new chain outlets are coming to the area. Everywhere you look in Bridge City, vacant lots have buildings being built on them. *****Houston scientists see hope in cocaine vaccine. Baylor doctors say shots block the drug’s high. The Kostens vaccine has been more than a decade in the making. *****Our buddy Vivian Dorman took tests all last week and will get the results this Friday. She says she couldn’t feel any better. We pray for good results. *****Things have really gotten hot in the presidential primaries. It’s anyone’s guess how the GOP race will turn out. If Romney wins Michigan, and he should, that will give Huckabee, McCain and Mitt each a win, plus, Romney has won Wyoming. McCain is leading in South Carolina. *****Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama will face two elections this week, Nevada and South Carolina. It’s up hill in both of them for Hillary but if they split no harm will be done to either one. They then bet everything on Feb. 5 in the 20-state Super Tuesday. *****It sure looks like Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s candidate Rudy is sucking on the hind tit. Perry spent 20 days in Iowa for Rudy that didn’t produce much. Don’t count him out just yet though because he has big oil’s backing. If he doesn’t win Florida, I look for big oil to go to Romney. *****I’d better quit messing around and get going. Hop on and come along, it won’t do you no harm.

We are deeply saddened to learn about the death of Wallace Stanley, 60, who passed away Sunday evening, Jan. 13. Wallace was diagnosed six weeks ago with pancreatic cancer. He was a foreman for the county and worked in Pct. 3. County Commissioner John Dubose was obviously shaken by his death. “Even though you know that the situation is bad, you are never prepared for the outcome,” he said, “A good man has passed.” I didn’t have details by the time I turned this in. Please check our obits or our website. We post deaths daily. Everyone who knew Wallace will miss him. He was true salt of the earth.

Tim Russert, on ‘Meet the Press’ did one hour of attacking Hillary with negative questions. She stood her ground. He brought up every negative he could muster. He didn’t ask about her programs for America’s future and she still won the one-on-one debate. It’s a girl thing with NBC. Obama has made what could have been a racial battle cry to blacks, “Yes we can.” No one has asked him about that. New Hampshire shocked them all. As for me, I never bet against Dan Ray Hooks or Bill Clinton. They may not always win but they give me the best odds. Obama’s tank is empty and he’s good at camouflaging it with a great speech delivery. The same speechwriter who wrote the speeches for black Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, writes Obama’s speeches, using some of the exact same words. Obama uses a teleprompter to deliver someone else’s words. That’s why he hasn’t won one debate because his answers are not scripted. When Al Sharpton was here creating problems, I said there would be more discriminating against a woman than a black. I believe it’s been proven. If a white says it, they will misconstrue it. Hillary will have a harder time getting the nomination than she will winning the general election because I assume women, in the voting booth in Nov., won’t be treated like second class. The guts to take on Russert, on his show and grounds, is proof that Hillary is tough enough to stand up to any obstacle. Some men don’t like to hear that, but Bubba, it’s true.

30 Years Ago-1978
Scott Free was just playing around doing the Robot dance at the Beaumont Fair and at the O.C.P. in ‘Charity’ when a talent scout saw him. He is now booked at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas each Friday and Saturday night. Big brother, Keble, and Scott fly back and forth. Scott’s routine, dancing to a ‘Star Wars’ theme, is as stunning as his silver Afro and spacesuit. A star is born maybe. He’s Skipper’s youngest. *****Judge David Dunn, 35, is a candidate for 163rd. District Court. He’s married to the former Betsy Bonin. The Judge is an Orange native, attended public school here and attended the University of Texas law school. He was appointed Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1, Sept. 11, 1967, served until 1969, became Orange City Attorney until Jan. 24, 1972, was appointed Judge of the County Court-At-Law and then elected to the post, which he is now serving.*****County Commissioner Raymond Gould, Pct. 4, announced for a third term.*****Bridge City Rotary elects new officers. Albert Gore, president, John Brooks, first vice-president, Don Cole, second vice-president, Charles Patton, 3rd. vice-president, Chapman Bell, secretary, Tim Lieby, sergeant-at-arms. Named as directors were Lawrence Helton, Roy Dunn, C.R. Nash and Hank Eckhardt. H.D. Pate is the outgoing president. *****Roy Dunn, publisher of Greater Beaumont Publishing Company, announced the appointment of Don Jacobs as editor of the weekly newsmagazine, ‘Consumer Beacon.’ Jacobs will also serve as associate editor of other Dunn family owned publications. Jacobs, a business writer, police and labor reporter for the Beaumont Enterprise and Journal, resigned to pursue his music career. After a stint in Nashville, he joined the Dunn publications as a columnist at the Orange County Opportunity Valley News. (Editor’s Note: The Beacon, along with the Triangle Press and Port Arthur’s Community Post were sold to Cox Enterprise in 1981. Don now writes a weekly column in the Tuesday issue of the Enterprise.)*****Wilson Roberts, 975 Vivian in Bridge City, assumes the position of criminal investigator in the County Attorney’s office. Roberts, former police chief, becomes the first person to hold the newly created position. County Attorney Sharon Bearden gained the support and approval of Commissioner’s Court for the position due to the new speedy trial law soon to go into effect. Roberts, who also served as a sheriff deputy in Jefferson and Orange County, is a graduate of Lamar University Police Academy and also holds a degree in Criminal Justice. Roberts is a member of the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee of the South East Texas Planning Commission. He and wife Beverly have one daughter, Kathy. (Editor’s note: Wilson went on to have a long career in law enforcement, including as State Fire Marshal. Today, he is retired but still has an active interest in good law enforcement. He visits friends and spends time cooking, eating and enjoying a few beverages.)

First, let me start off by apologizing to Keith Merritt, who is a constable but now running for Orange County Sheriff. Last week, we mistakenly made an error in a headline above his statement stating he was running for constable. We are operating, at this time, without an editor. The Enterprise got her so we will make mistakes. It didn’t bother Merritt as much as it did the people running for his constable job. One of the candidates said five people had called him to come get his sign; they didn’t realize Keith was in the running. *****There is no doubt that the folks at NBC have hooked their wagon to Obama’s star. Last week however, the girls on ‘The View’ with Barbara Walters, took on chauvinist Chris Matthews of ‘Hardball.’ His buddy Joe Scarborough, ‘Morning Joe,’ was hard pressed to defend him. I found it funny, dish it out but can’t take it. *****The phone has been ringing regularly, folks calling to congratulate Roy on his ‘Citizen of the Year’ selection. Ron Sigler called from Gonzales, Louisiana, where he says he runs into Dr. Joe Ben Welch often. Ron came to town over the weekend and had breakfast with the boys, ‘Buckshot’, Bobby, Joel, Montagne, and etc. Judge Pat Clark called to say the award should have gone to Ms. Phyl. Maurice Garrett, who formerly was the longtime owner of Garrett’s Auto Supply, called. Unbelievably, he is now 90 years old and he and his wife live with his daughter in Mauriceville. Maurice was the first businessman to put an insert in Dunn’s OVN newspaper in 1971. We’re also receiving plenty of e-mails, the latest one from longtime friend Louise Wood. The Bridge City Chamber Banquet will be held Tuesday, Jan. 22 at the Community Center in Bridge City. Tickets are available at the Chamber office. Plenty to eat. Roy invites his friends and is looking forward to seeing them. He’s not as bad as Amedo but I bet he’ll be taking names. *****I see where Barbara Dishon got 50-yard line seats to the Cowboy-Giant game Sunday after purchasing the Cowboy Pickup from David Self. She drove her new truck to Dallas and was disappointed by the 21-17 Cowboy loss to the New York Giants. Green Bay will host Eli Manning next Sunday. I’m pulling for Brett Farve and the Packers in zero weather. T.O. is right, don’t blame Romo; the Cowboys had 11 penalties and six dropped passes and a line that quit blocking. *****The Gulf Coast Hall of Fame show, honoring Janis Joplin, on what would have been her 65th birthday, will be held Jan. 19, the date of her birth. The event will be at 7 p.m., Carl Parker Center at Lamar University-Port Arthur. Performing will be ‘The Clique,’ the ‘Beat Daddy’s,’ and artist Andra Mitrovich, with a tribute to Janis. We hear she’s very good. Edgar Winter will also appear but will not perform. Tickets are $20 in advance and will be available until Thursday noon at The Penny Record office, 335 Roundbunch, Bridge City and Harry’s Appliance in Orange. See you there.*****When Bill Clinton took over from President Geo. H W.. Bush, the country was in a recession. He added 29 million new jobs, had eight years of continued growth, balanced the budget, reduced the deficit and left with a surplus. Since George Washington, the United States ran up a $5 trillion national debt. In seven years under Bush, the debt is now $9,202,261,227,443,54, nearly doubling the 200 previous years. That debt increases by $1.50 billion a day. If time repeats itself, we certainly need someone now who knows how to get our economy again on good footing or there will no longer be a middle class.*****On Jan. 25, John ‘Tee Bruce’ Broussard will turn 79. Two days later, Jan. 27, he will retire from his long running Sunday morning Cajun show. He recently has been in the hospital with congestive heart failure. A big party will be held at Pine Tree Lodge on the afternoon of the 27th. He invites his many Cajun friends.*****Happy birthday this week, Jan. 17, to Erin Hanks. Also celebrating is little Sam Carpenter III.*****Doug and Regina Harrington will celebrate their 27th anniversary on Jan. 17.*****On Jan. 19, Dolly Parton will reach age 62.*****American Idol tries to get it’s groove back. Season seven starts Tuesday, Jan. 15. Last year, the show’s talent slipped and ratings fell. Now America’s favorite show aims to take advantage of a television landscape diminished by the writer’s strike. This should give them less competition than usual.*****The most disloyal person of the week is Sen. John Kerry, who endorsed Obama over his former running mate John Edwards. Also over Hillary, whose husband President Clinton saved his job when he was at the hands of defeat. President Clinton went to Massachusetts, a crowd of 50,000 showed up, Clinton and Hillary campaigned for him and he won by a hair. Kerry no doubt has a deal made. His blue-blood wife would like to see him become ambassador to the United Nations and that might be the deal the Clintons wouldn’t make. Gov. Bill Richardson is also waiting for the best deal before he makes an endorsement. *****Celebrity babies; Nicole Ritchie and boy friend, rocker Joel Madden, became parents Friday of daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden. ***** Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman are the parents of a boy, Max Bratman.*****Courtney Thorne-Smith and husband Roger Fishman, welcomed their first child, Jacob Emerson. *****Comedian David Alan Grier and wife welcomed a baby girl. *****A National poll done by CNN-Opinion Research Corp. finds, in the Democratic race for president, Sen. Hillary Clinton leads nationwide with 49 percent, Sen. Barack Obama, 36 percent and John Edwards, 12 percent. For Republicans, Sen. John McCain leads with 34 percent, Mike Huckabee, 21 percent, Gov. Rudy Giuliani, 18 percent, Gov. Mitt Romney, 14 percent, Sen. Fred Thompson, 6 percent and Rep. Ron Paul, 5 percent.*****Mitt Romney has loaned $17 million to his campaign, Rudy is broke, John McCain raised only $1 million after his New Hampshire win. He’s $3.5 million in debt and Huckabee is running a shoe string campaign. The only candidates who have plenty of money today are Hillary and Obama but it will take much more. Hillary has raised $112 million, Obama $100 million.*****A question often asked lately is what happened to cause the break up of Jackie Simien, a 13-year veteran reporter, and KFDM, Channel 6? Whatever it was has been swept under the rug.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch last week gathered at Robert’s. Many of the regulars had not returned yet, maybe this week. Van Choate, at Tuffy’s, always prepares a great meal, 12 noon. Everyone welcome. Among the visitors last week were Rob Strause, a nice guy, and his wife Janois. She’s really a doll and a very interesting lady. Rob, who is running for constable, is a deputy sheriff and the head of the Narcotic Division. Constable Dee Aven is always fun to be around. That girl will do to ride the range with. Harold Hass, running for constable, joined in for lunch. Marline Merritt and son Robert, who have been working hard on Keith’s behalf, stopped in for lunch. I understand she’s Keith’s campaign manager. Not a bad one to have. Martha and David Vandagriff, who is also running for constable, broke bread and visited. I’ll say it again, there are a lot of good, qualified folks running for office this year. Yawl come, see you at Tuffy’s.*****

Dee Culpepper, Jerry Ashby, John Green III, Matthew Lee, Milly Arnold, Tanner Wilson, Bob Couser, Bonny Sarver, Dylan Huckebay, Mary Louise McKee, Sandra Bland, Gerta Rafeedie, Melinda White, Dixie Gardner, Misti Jagoe, Tara Thompson, Virginia Sanford, James Crabtree, Jimmy Whittle, John Michael Foote, Lisa Costilla, Michael Amsden, Brenna Manasco, Gloria Bertrand, Joy Gilliam, Steve Griffith, Beverly Delahoussaye, Charles Arceneaux, Millagro Foster, David Doucet, Don Collins, Gary Baker, Janice Westfall, Lyndon Robinson, Myra Sherwood, Nancy Sieck and Suzanne Pittard.

Two men were in Tee-Boy’s Bar and Grill drinking a lot of beer dem. One of dem mens said to da udder, “Where are you from hanh?”
I’m from Breaux Bridge me,” He answer.
Da first man said, “I can’t believe dat me, I’m from Breaux Bridge me too.” Den he axe, “Where did you go to school?”
“I went to Saint Mary’s me,” da utter man answer.
“Well, I’ll be darn, “ da first man said. Den he axe, “When did you graduate?”
De udder man answer, “In 1972.”
Da first man say, “Man dats unbelievable, I went to Saint Mary’s too and graduated in 72.”
Bout dat time Clovis Comeaux come in and sits at da bar. He axe da bartender, “Wats been going on?”
De bartender replied, “Nuttin much, da LeBlanc twins are in here tonight an dey are drunk again.”

A web question came in asking who I thought Clinton or Obama would choose as their vice-president. I believe Hillary might pick former Sen. Evin Bayh or Sen. Webb. However, circumstances may force her to pick Gov. Bill Richardson or if this race foolishness gets so bad it tears the Democratic Party apart, she may be forced to pick Obama to re-unite the party. He would probably be her last option. I have no idea who Barack would pick. I don’t see him picking Sen. John Edwards but if John stays in the race all the way, he may not have much choice. That would be two candidates with no foreign policy experience. Whoever he picks would also have to be a heavyweight on the economy because by the time the new president takes office we could be in deep recession that will need a quick fix and long-range planning. Energy is also a longtime problem. Cheney’s plan sucked. *****Congratulations to homeboy Samuel C. Sichko, a Stark High grad, who has been named one of the top attorneys in the nation. His mom, Marie, still lives in Orange. Samuel and wife Medb, make their home in Boston. See our website for the entire story.*****I gotta get out of here but I sincerely thank you for your time. Read us cover to cover. Take care and God bless.