In the Bridge City Middle School Library, P.T.A. volunteers have been working diligently updating the Accelerated Reader information posted in the books.  New label information aligns with the new web-based AR quizzes.  When this task is completed, students will readily have available the most up to date information on the book level, point value, and quiz number of all materials available in our library. These volunteers are making a monumental task possible.  Sincere thanks to each volunteer.


Historical Recreation

On Sat., Jan. 12, several BCMS eighth graders began their research to prepare for this year’s Civil War reenactment.  Lt. John Burleigh of the 3rd Texas Artillery held the first “School of the Soldier” for the newly formed BCMS infantry unit. The unit began learning battle formations, calls, maneuvers, and drills for the Civil War era soldier. Under the direct command of 8th grader Company Sgt. Bryson Banks, the unit includes these recruits.


                        Jesse Barrington                              Karl Cooley

                        Cameron Dishon                             Derick Thacker        

                        Chance Lemoine                             Dillon Trahan

                        Ian Watson                                        Jeffery Honeycutt

                        Travis Morris                                     Cody Banken

                        Camerson Coulter                           Nick Festa

                        Nicole (Nick) Encalade (demonstrating the role of

                        women who

                        disguised themselves and fought in the war)


           Students of the week: Jan. 10



                        Bryson Banks                                 8th Grade

                        Favorite Subject                               Math

                        Favorite Teacher                              Coach Meyer

                        Interests/Hobbies                             Football, Baseball,


                                                                                   Track/Field, Play



                        Goals for the future                          Get a Masters in



                        Tabatha Grimes                              7th Grade

                        Favorite Subject                               English

                        Favorite Teacher                              Mrs. Howard

                        Interests/Hobbies                             Swimming

                        Goals for the future                           College and


                                                                                    a pediatric nurse

                                                                                    to help people.



                        Destiny Mann                                  6th Grade

                        Favorite Subject                               Math

                        Favorite Teacher                              Mrs. Howard

                        Interests/Hobbies                             Playing sports

                        Goals for the future                           Becoming a

                                                                                    veterinarian or

                                                                                    a pro basketball




Students of the week: Jan. 17


                                    8th Grade                    Adrian Morgan

                                    Favorite Subject         Science

                                    Favorite Teacher        Mrs. Raymer

                                    Interests/Hobbies       Watching T.V.

                                    Goals for the future     Becoming a neurologist


                                    7th Grade                    Shayla Stankus

                                    Favorite Subject         History

                                    Favorite Teacher        Crystal Jones

                                    Interests/Hobbies       Church, dance, and


                                    Goals for the future     Graduate


                                    6th Grade                    Johnathon Green

                                    Favorite Subject       Science

                                    Favorite Teacher      Ralph Fields

                                    Interests/Hobbies     Learning and playing


                                    Goals for the future   To be a scientist