Roy Dunn always seems at ease when he is in front of a crowd, behind a podium. He’ll tell you he doesn’t like being in the spotlight, but he shined Tuesday night. At the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce annual banquet and meeting he was honored with the distinction of Citizen of the Year. Instrumental in several of the projects that has helped Bridge City to flourish, the award was well deserved.


The evening started with a Taste of Bridge City, with several of the local restaurants sharing some of their best dishes. It was more food than most could eat. Part of the menu was two kinds of gumbo, baked potatoes, barbeque, fajitas, cornbread, potato soup, sandwiches, cakes, pies and much more. Hands were full after only going through half the line.


A silent auction was in progress as everyone mingled and munched.


There was a victory dance by one young girl when the auction was closed and she won the Ipod for $100.


Other business conducted for the evening before Dunn received his accolades was the changing of the guard as Anneita Peidiscalzi received her gavel as the new president of the chamber.


Beverly Perry started describing the accomplishments of the Ambassador of the Year.

Marialeice Saucier had a look of surprise and embarrassment when she realized that Perry was talking about her.


After being introduced by Judge Carl Thibodeaux, Dunn was full of tales about growing up and traveling Down Life’s Highway.

He entertained the crowd until receiving the “cut” sign from his wife of many years, Phyllis.

Dunn spoke of the origin of Bridge City and how it came about. The historical importance of the swing bridge was mentioned. He was impressed with the improvements that had been made through the years to the Bridge City Little League fields. The land for the fields was donated by Dunn and his partners. He was also instrumental in getting the very building the banquet was being held in, the Community Center, built.

Advice was given for anyone that had a big project in mind. “Get everybody involved.” He said that anything can be accomplished if you include everyone.

For a man who has admittedly “Never had a job,” he has had a great influence on the progress of a little town called Bridge City.