On Tuesday, Feb.22 at approximately 4:00 p.m., Sgt. Tracy Sorge of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Special Services Division and Officer Keith Reneau of the Pinehurst Police Department observed a silver passenger car traveling westbound on Interstate 10 failing to obey warning signs by not merging into the right lane of travel when instructed to do so, and improper turn signal while changing lanes in a posted construction zone.

After observing the violations, a traffic stop was conducted. The operator of the vehicle was identified as Brian Lewis by his Texas Driver License. The passenger Identified himself as Alfie Alfonso Lewis by a Social Security Card in his possession. As officers were interviewing the passenger, a strong odor of marijuana was detected emitting from the passenger’s compartment.

While Officers were preparing for a probable cause search, Alfie Lewis re-entered the suspect vehicle and fled, eastbound. As Lewis approached the 878 Mile Marker, Officers with the Orange Police Department placed a tire deflation spike strip in front of Lewis. As Lewis observed this, he discontinued his advancement and stopped. Lewis was then removed from the suspect vehicle without incident and secured in a caged patrol unit, where his identity was then confirmed as Marvin Lewis Jr., a wanted multi-state fugitive.

A probable cause search of the suspect vehicle was then conducted. Concealed within the vehicle was approximately 50 pounds of marijuana.

Both Brian Lewis and Marvin Lewis, Jr. were arrested and then transported to the Orange County Correctional Facility for felony possession of marijuana. In addition to the marijuana charge, Marvin Lewis was charged with other outstanding felony warrants.

Bond has been set for BrIan Lewis at $15,000 and a total of $80,000 for Marvin Lewis, Jr.