Before Christmas, a sweet lady named Jeannie Welch (she calls herself “Mom Maw”) telephoned me. She was requesting information about a recipe. I don’t remember the recipe she was calling about but I do remember what a nice person she was and I do remember we had a pleasant conversation. During our conversation, Jeannie (Mom Maw) told me she had a mouth watering recipe for Chocolate Pie and promised to send it to me. True to her word, she sent it to me along with another one of her favorite recipes titled “Seafood Casserole.” She gave me permission to pass these along to the Record. I will give you the “Seafood Casserole” at a later date.
I have not made this pie yet but it sounds like a KEEPER      I will give it a try the next time my son, Dwight Stewart, visits.  Chocolate Pie is one of his favorite desserts. If you try it before I do, let me know what you think or better yet bring it on over to 205 Rose St. , Bridge City . Samples welcome. 
Thank you for the recipe Mom Maw. Please call me anytime; I enjoyed talking with you. I believe you must be a kind, loving person. God Bless you.
This will make two (2) pies
                                                            2 ½ cups sugar
                                                            1 tsp. salt
                                                            1 cup flour
                                                            7 Tbsp. Cocoa
                                                            1 (12 oz.) can evaporated milk with enough
                                                                        water to equal 2 cups
                                                            2 cups whole milk
                                                            4 slightly beaten eggs
                                                            2 baked pie shells, cooled
In a saucepan, mix above ingredients until smooth. Stirring continuously, cook over medium heat until thick.      
                                                BEAT IN:      
                                                            1 stick butter
                                                            1 Tbsp. vanilla extract
Mix until well blended and then cool. Pour into baked pie shells.
                                                            Cool Whip
Top pies with Cool Whip.

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