Marriage License Issued By
The Office Of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For The Week of January 14, 2008 Thru January 18, 2008
Travis A. Prestridge and Alicia D. Campbell
William E. Peevey and Amy E. Johnson
Gary L. Lilley and Mandi L. Lemmons
Nicolas R. Bertrand and Christina L. Fazekas
Richard D. Pope and Jennifer N. Wolff
James H. Holden and Carrie L. Black
Mark S. Wilkinson and Heather N. Lyon
Terrance Watson and Sean A. Moore
Isadore J. Guidry and Martey D. Dahl
John C. Doucet and Rebecca A. Retherford
Damon D. Dominguez and Christina K. Underwood
Derek C. Stephenson and Pricilla R. Goodman
Wesley F. Martin and Janice L. Owens
Eric E. Salter and Virgia L. Lewis

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