Marriage License Issued By
The Office Of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For The Week of January 21, 2008 Thru January 25, 2008
Tony W. Morris and Donna K. Myers
Vernon W. Buxton Jr. and Deirdra A. Williford
Joch P. Charrier and Felicia D. Kibodeaux
Justin R. Phillips and Lacy N. Jaetzold
Christopher J. King and Jaslyn V. Farrow
Anthony D. Venable and Shahna N. Woodard
Edward R. Fairchild and Mary L. Young
James D. Dorris and Cynthia A. Duff
Derrick U. Holman and Tonya M. Dugar
Joseph L. Richardson and Amy J. Michl
Harvie B. Fontenot and Cheri F. Sparks
Neal E. Windham and Darla G. Gleason

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