Application for Appliance Installer License Online

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) announced immediate
availability of the Residential Appliance Installer application.

“To help approximately 5,500 Residential Appliance Installer applicants receive their
license quickly the Department has an application available on its website,” states
Bill Kuntz, executive director of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

“Starting March 1, 2008, installers must be licensed in order to perform residential
appliance installation. Once the new license is received they can work anywhere in
Texas,” continued Kuntz.

The law provides a grandfathering period which extends through midnight June 1, 2008.
An applicant must demonstrate they have 4,000 Master Electrician supervised hours of
electrical work and/or residential appliance installation work to qualify for a grandfather license. After June 1, 2008, all applicants will be required to pass a TDLR approved test that will evaluate their occupational knowledge.

“The 80th Texas Legislature amended Chapter 1305 of the Texas Occupations Code to
increase the safety of the citizens of Texas. Requiring minimum qualifications for all
residential appliance installers and residential appliance installation contractors safeguards the wellbeing of the customer as well as the standards of the industry,” explained Kuntz.

The application may be downloaded at

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