Did you read about the high school track star up in the District of Columbia who was disqualified from a meet because officials proclaimed the custom-made outfit she wore to conform to her Muslin faith violated competition rules?

Now, here’s a kid, a senior at Theodore Roosevelt High School who has the fastest mile and two-mile times of any girl runner this past year.

And listen to this, the apparel she wore that disqualified her was the same dress she had worn for the last three seasons with no problems having arisen.

Now the reason I noticed this was not because she is Muslim, not because she is female, but because suddenly after three years—I said three years, some one discovered her racing apparel did not conform to meet standards.

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to spot a goat in a herd of sheep, and it doesn’t take a genius to realize that some bureaucrat, some influential parent with a lesser capable athlete, or someone caving to outside influence made the decision.

Hey, you can’t be around athletics from Little League to the Pros and know such a statement isn’t true.

That being said, I cannot help wondering to what degree we in American are expected to bend to accommodate those who choose to come to our country, to share and to enjoy the benefits available, but who are unwilling to conform to our requirements.

Do we bend over backward, perhaps snap the spine of our own beliefs so newcomers can feel ‘good’ about themselves? I think not. Do we alter those concepts with which we live and in which we believe? Not I. Not my children. (I hope)

Now, back to the track meet.

Should the youngster in question conform to the rules of the meet committee?

By all means.

Now, I’m as fair-minded a person as you’ll ever want to meet unless it comes to religious hypocrites or LSU fans (just kidding, Jason), but I truly believe we are methodically dismantling, piece by piece, board by board that grand structure we call America when we cater to immigrant beliefs in opposition to those values on which we have built this magnificent country and which we have held so cherished for centuries.

If the meet were held within a Muslim community, sponsored by Muslim groups, conducted by Muslim officials, then I’d say dress accordingly. If a protestant white young lady wanted to participate, then I’d say she must wear clothing appropriate to the meet’s requirements.

The problem is not the child’s, but the officials of the meets, the grownup adults. (grownup adults, an oxymoron if I’ve ever seen one)

Of course, any lawyer will insist that since the child was permitted to perform for three years in the same dress, then she should be able to continue.

I’m no lawyer, but I can’t see where he is wrong.

What was wrong was that those in charge didn’t have the fortitude to stand up and commit to their beliefs in the first place.

Had they done so, the child would have been spared the embarrassment. And that’s what sad, that adult ignorance, adult indifference, and adult apathy that does hurt to a child, be she red, white, or blue.

Folks who legally come to America are welcome as far as I’m concerned. But, when they come, they are no longer just Nigerians, nor Cubans, nor Hispanics, nor Asians, but Americans—and without the stupid hyphenations.

Yes, you read that right. Stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

If they choose to cling to their beliefs, as this young girl and her parents, and I’m not faulting them at all, they must realize there is a price for doing so. Consequently, they must be willing to pay it.

What’s the old saying, ‘you want to dance, pay the piper?’ Millions upon millions of Americans know that if we want to compete, if we want a job, if we want anything, or if we want to dance, we must meet the demands of those in charge.


In fact, if you stop and think about it, guys. That’s how most of us were lucky enough to get our wives.