There were two items on the agenda of the Planning and Zoning Commission at the regular meeting Monday Jan. 28.

 The first item was a request from Chris and Lisa Durso for a zone change from R-1, Single Family Residential District, to C-3, Third Commercial District.

 Durso was present and allowed three minutes to present his proposal. The plans are to use the property as a resale business. The business would use the profits to assist needy citizens with expenses such as utility bills.

 Durso addressed the rumor that the business would be a flea market. He said, “it will not be, but it could grow into that in the future.”

 Action was taken by the Commission to send the proposal to the City Council for further action.

 The second item on the agenda for action was approval of the plat of Dishon Plantation Phase No. V.

 Public Works Director Jerry Jones explained to the Commission the items related to utilities in the plat. There will be tie-ins to water and sewer systems, including a sewer lift station.

 Action was taken to send this item to the City Council also.

 In the Communications portion of the agenda Jones explained that bids are to be placed on two major items in the next few weeks. These are the demolition of the water tower at City Hall and the cleaning of the culverts on Texas Avenue. Funding will come from the 3.8 million-dollar grant the city received due to Hurricane Rita.