A dear friend, Lois Ann Sheppard, gave me a cookbook for Christmas titled, “Church Family Favorites.” It is one of my favorite kind of cookbooks, a collection of homemade recipes from St. Maurice Catholic Church Altar Society, Mauriceville , Texas .
Local grocery stores have been having good sales on cabbage. I had a half head of cabbage and wanted to find a different way to prepare it for Mac and my dinner. I also had one of my favorite brands of sausage in the freezer. It is a sausage I purchased at Super Wal-Mart, Port Arthur and is made in Brenham , Texas , one of the best places to buy any kind of German food. I turned to this new cookbook and found this recipe; it was just the kind of meal I was searching for. The recipe is on page 33 and was submitted by Tina Wise. It is definitely a KEEPER. I reduced the ingredients for Mac and me and served it along with black eyed peas, cornbread and Pineapple Crunch for dessert (a recipe I hope to share with you when I receive permission from the editor of another cookbook).
This church’s cookbook is 99 pages chocked full of good old homemade recipes. If you are interested in acquiring one of these books you may order a copy by sending $10.00 + $2.00 fee for shipping and handling per book to Saint Maurice Church , P.O. Box 940 , Mauriceville , TX 77626 . It is well worth the cost.
A special thank you Lois Ann, for giving me this outstanding cookbook. It is a special addition to my collection.
                                    1 sausage ring, any kind (I sliced and boiled before
                                                using to remove some of the grease)
                                    2 carrots (I used ½ carrot)
                                    1 small onion (I used less)
                                    1 small bell pepper (I used less)
                                    1 lg. potato (I used 3 medium size, we like
                                    1 head of cabbage, chopped (I used ½ head)
I did rearrange the ingredients of the recipe from the book and listed them in the order used.
Heat vegetable oil (I use extra virgin olive oil) in skillet, slice sausage into oil, top with slice carrots, onions, bell pepper then cubed potatoes and add shredded cabbage. Pour 1 cup water over all, cover and simmer on top of stove for 45 minutes. Serve warm.