“I am convinced that the efficiencies that come from technology multiply the effectiveness of state government,” said Gov. Perry. “Applying solutions from motivated, educated innovators moves government and economies forward.”

Under Gov. Perry’s leadership, Texas has taken great strides to utilize technology as a medium to disseminate information to Texans, businesses, future residents and visitors. Texas’ Business Portal initiative is a collaborative effort between approximately thirty state agencies that has made it easier for businesses to interact with the government. The Web site, www.texasonline.com, is a one-stop shop for information ranging from “How to get a driver’s license” to “Evacuation routes during emergencies.”

Additionally, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in Texas leveraged technology along the border by using analytical tools to direct crime-fighting resources where they are most needed. During coordinated surge operations, Joint Operational Intelligence Centers (JOIC) are positioned throughout the state to provide real-time information and intelligence to law enforcement. This technology allows information to be shared by different law enforcement agencies, strengthening their ability to combat crime in Texas communities.