Elementary students from Little Cypress-Mauriceville campuses competed in Lumberton with students around southeast Texas on Saturday, January 26 in University interscholastic League (UIL) academic events. Twenty-eight LCM participants earned top places in competition.
Little Cypress intermediate students placing in the top six are: Drake Trawhon – second and Cameron Parker – third, fourth grade number sense; Rebecca Brown – second and Joseph Tran – third, fourth grade spelling; Kami Foskey – fifth and Troy Kaufman – sixth, fourth grade picture memory; Shri Murthy – fifth place and Brennan Moore – sixth place, fifth grade number sense; Justin Huff- sixth, fifth grade spelling; and Hannah Sartain – fifth and Morgan LeMoine – sixth, fifth grade picture memory.
Mauriceville Elementary who placed include: Tyler Slagle – fifth place, second grade math; Zachary Robin – second place and Emily Landry – fourth place, second grade storytelling; Daniel Thames – fifth place, fourth grade number sense; Keaton Hughes – fourth place, fourth grade picture memory; Savannah Gravett – first place, fifth grade number sense; and Austin Slagle – third place, fifth grade spelling.
 Little Cypress Elementary students placing were: Tyler Miller – second place, second grade math; Aman Tejani – fourth place, second grade spelling; Heidi Shaffer – third place, second grade storytelling; Shil Shukla – first place and Connor Alexander – fifth place, third grade math; Logan Comeaux – third place, Jaden Lewis – fourth place, and Madeline Garrison – fourth place, third grade spelling; and Cole Cleveland – third place and Hallie Stack – sixth place, third grade storytelling.
UIL coaches for the students are: Debbie Bean – LCE; Carie Broussard – MVE; and Lisa Stephenson – LCI.