St. Mark offers its Angel Food Ministry packages every month for a bargain price. The deadline for ordering food packages is 3 p.m., Friday, Feb. 15.  The cost is $30 for the basic package which includes the following for February:

1.25 lb. Sirloin Strip Steaks (4x5oz)
2 lb. Salisbury Steak Dinner Entres
2 lb. Split Chicken Breasts
2 lb. Breaded chicken breast fillet
1.5 lbs. meaty beef ribs
1.5 lbs pork chops (4 x 6oz.)
12 oz. Philly Steak portions
12 oz. Peanut Butter
4 oz. chicken Noodle Soup (makes 64 oz)
9 oz. Frosted Corn Flakes
16 oz. Frozen Fresh Corn
16 oz. Frozen Fresh Carrots
2 lb. Fresh Onions
2 lb. Fresh Potatoes
15 oz. Sliced pears
1 lb. black eyed peas
1 dessert item
Other packages are available & listed on order form located on side door at St. Mark Church, 945 W. Roundbunch.  Other packages begin from $18 to $20 each.
The Lone Star Card is accepted but an appointment must be made to do the paperwork.  Call 735-4573 for an appointment, pick up order forms on door at church & enjoy the wonderful savings our hard working Angel Food Committee is bringing you every month.