Students in Ann Craft’s Art I classes at West Orange – Stark High School utilized straws and math net patterns to create three dimensional mobiles in the style of Alexander Calder, providing an opportunity to extend math skills in art and reinforce geometric vocabulary and design.
“This was the first time for many students to work with mobiles. Getting them to balance was a challenge for them, but as the mobiles began to emerge, their excitement grew. They are so colorful hanging in the room and their slow movement is mesmerizing,” Craft said.
The students used paper patterns for the geometric forms and then created original graphic designs with markers and colored pencils prior to folding their art into cones, cubes, tetrahedrons, cuboids, pyramids, octahedrons, rhomboids, dodecahedrons, pentagonal pyramids, pentagonal prisms, and cylinders.
Each student selected four of their favorite forms and created a three level balance mobile. 

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