Michael Washburn, Science teacher at West Orange – Stark High School was presented with a Certificate of Recognition from the Texas Exes Association by WO-S High School Principal Mike Mason at the Monday, Jan 28 meeting of the West Orange – Cove Board of Trustees.
The Texas Exes Association recognized Washburn, a 31-year veteran of teaching as an exceptional individual and teacher who has made a significant contribution to the community. Principal Mike Mason nominated him for the honor.
Washburn originally entered college to become a dentist. In his junior year at the University of Texas he asked himself why? The only reason he could come up with was to make a lot of money. After reading a book about a man who changed careers from being a salesman to become a teacher he became aware that the author’s reasons appealed to him. He decided to become a teacher also. He had a craving to constantly learn new things and wanted to make a difference in someone’s life.
About his career Washburn says, “In my 31 years of teaching I can say it has not been boring. In fact, maybe it has gone too fast. For I can remember my first day as if it were yesterday. I truly believe I have made a difference and will continue to for many years.”

Washburn is a graduate of Newton High School and holds a degree in Biology from the University of Texas. His teaching career consists of 12 years at LCM High School and 19 years at WOS High School. He is also currently the tennis coach at WOS High School.

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