Orangefield students participated in the District UIL Meet at WOS last week.  Overall the students earned 35 medals with 9 of them being 1st Place.  We are very proud of them for all of their hard work.
(We had 9 1st, 3 2nd, 7 3rd, 5 4th, 5 5th, 5 6th equaling 35 medals.)
6th   Katy Petry 1st Place
7th   Kacey LeBlanc 2nd Place
        Lindsey Caswell 3rd Place
        Jordee Cook 4th Place                                                                      
8th   Ashley Granger 5th Place                                                                  
Number Sense                                                                                           
6th Austin Seaux 4th Place                                                                        
Maps, Charts, Graphs                                                                              
7th Cody Angelle 1st Place
8th Morgan Williams 4th Place
8th Mason Ousley 6th Place
Listening Skills
6th Tristan Dunn and Deion Jones Tied for 3rd Place
7th Reggie Romano 6th Place
8th Kassie Stevens 2nd Place     Place
8th Blake Bridges 3rd Place
Modern Oratory
8th Constance Ingram 1st Place
Ready Writing
7th Abbi LeDoux 5th Place
Improptu Speaking
8th Haley Permenter 1st Place
8th Allie Sherwood 2nd Place
6th Joey Greer 1st Place
Science I
7th Heather Singletary 4th Place
Science II
8th Robert Ehrlich 1st Place
8th Paul Sieber 5th Place
6th Joey Greer 1st Place
7th Tanner Holland 1st Place
7th Reagan Ficken 3rd Place
7th Kaitlin Crew 6th Place
8th Erica Edgerly 2nd Place
8th Breanna Graffagnino 3rd Place
General Math
6th Cameron Childress 3rd Place
8th Alex Gilson 5th Place
Dictionary Skills
6th Breanna LeDoux 4th Place
6th Jared Bennett 5th
7th Emily Blanke 6th Place
8th Hannah Walles 6th Place