Each year, Sherry Mallory’s Texas History classes at Mauriceville Middle School include a project that results in dozens of model homes. The structures must be replicas of one that might have been constructed during Texas’ earliest days. Students may choose to build a log cabin, mission or Alamo, tepee, adobe, hut or hogan, soddy, or a poster depicting one of the above.
 The works are judged and winners selected by category, based on authenticity and originality, among others. A grand prize winner is also selected.
This year’s overall champ is Ashleigh Sadler, whose Log cabin sported a stone chimney, a pond, stockyard, and wagon wheel propped against the house.
Others winning in the log cabin category were:
Justin Ward – first
Victoria Elliott – second
Heather Lloyd and Kenzie Johnson team – third.
A third place also went to the team of Mason Davis and James Walker.
Tyler Dickert and Tyler Sears won an honorable mention for their entry.
Alamo competition:  Bridger West and Tyler Sanders won first and second, while Ty Solis and Kent Morris earned places one and two for their missions.
Tepee winners were Chelsea Richard – first; Javier Garcia – second; Trey Bussell  and Daniel Wood – third; and Amber Grimes and Kaitlyn Elliott – honorable mention.
 Adobe Home winners included Devin Perry – first, Caleb Baker – second, and Courtney Twiner  and Theron Tolman – third.
Cheyanne Wheat and Taylor Trahan won first and second in huts and hogans, while Kailey Rountree won first for her soddy home. 
Winners of the poster category were:
Zach Landin – first.
Joseph Chwaliszowski – second
Jeremy Hughes and Ashley Granger – third
Honorable mention  Craig Wittenburg, Alex Young and Jennifer Swain.
Seven of these projects will be on display at the Lamar State College library beginning March 1. These are Caleb Baker’s adobe; Ashleigh Sadler’s  log cabin; Justin Ward’s log cabin; Kent Morris’s mission; Chelsea Richard’s and Devin Bussell and Daniel Wood’s tepee’s and Zach Landin’s poster.