The Bridge City City Council will discuss whether to continue with a curfew for minors during the Tuesday, Feb. 19 meeting.

The council will begin with a public hearing on the ordinance. During the regular council meeting, a vote will be taken on the continuation of the ordinance.

When the regular session of the meeting begins there will be more discussion on an item that was on the Feb 5 council meeting. This is about the possible expansion of the Bridge City Public Library and the possibility of accepting donations from the Friends of the Library to the city.

Two recommendations from the Planning and Zoning Commission will be presented. There is a request from Chris and Lisa Durso to have a zone change on a strip of their property on Highway 1442 to be re-zoned from residential to commercial.

The other recommendation from Planning and Zoning is regarding the approval of a plat application for Dishon Plantation, Phase 5.

The proposal for the water supply contract between the City of Bridge City and the Orangefield Water Supply Corporation will be ready for discussion and action. The contract will be to supply water to property located at the corner of Highway 1442 and Turner Road.

Other items will be about the joint election agreements, an appointment to the Orange County Economic Development Corporation’s board of directors, and a resolution amending the city’s authorized representatives to the Texpool state investment fund.