This week we celebrated President’s Day. I don’t recall when the day was designated as tribute to all presidents. Most of my years, on February 12, we celebrated Lincoln’s birthday and George Washington’s Day was Feb. 22, and both days were national holidays. Washington, our first president didn’t represent a political party yet he was unanimously elected. Our third president, Thomas Jefferson, was the man who authored the Declaration of Independence. Our sixth president, John Quincy Adams, was a son of a former president, John Adams, who was our second president and the first to reside in the White House. Our 10th president, John Tyler, was the first vice-president to ascend to the presidency after the death of President William Henry Harrison. Tyler had 15 children, the most ever. Our 15th president, James Buchanan, is the only president that never married. Our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, was president during the Civil War and the tallest ever, 6 feet, 4 inches. The 18th president, Ulysses S. Grant, was a Union commander during the Civil War and established Yellow Stone Park in 1872. The 24th president, James Garfield, was the last president born in a log cabin and the second president assassinated, the first was Lincoln. The 26th, Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt named the president’s residence the White House. Number 29, Warren G. Harding, was the first newspaper publisher to be elected and had the largest feet ever, wearing size 14 shoes. The 32nd, Franklin D. Roosevelt, is the only American president to be elected to four terms. He took over after Herbert Hoover and the country’s great Depression. Harry S. Truman, number 33, was serving as vice-president and took over after the death of FDR. He ended WWII with the hydrogen and atomic bombs. He was the first to appear on television. Dwight D. Eisenhower, number 34 was born in Texas and the only president to serve in WWI and WWII. Sen. John F. Kennedy was number 35 and the only Roman Catholic and the first born in the 20th. Century. He was the youngest president elected at age 43 and was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald at age 46. Number 36, Lyndon B. Johnson, was the second from Texas to be elected president He was appointed after the murder of JFK. When he signed the Civil Rights Act he said, “I have just signed away the South for the Democrats. He didn’t seek reelection because of the Vietnam War. Number 38, Gerald ‘Jerry’ Ford, became vice-president and president without being elected to either. Number 40, Ronald Reagan, at age 69 was the oldest president elected and the only actor. George H.W. Bush was number 41 and the first vice-president since Van Buren to lose reelection. Number 42, William ‘Bill’ Clinton, was the most successful president since FDR, even after being riddled with sexual scandal. He’s the only Rhodes Scholar ever elected. George W. Bush, the incumbent, is number 43 and is the second to become president as a son of a president. His presidency is marred with war and scandal. That brings us to the present. Republican Senator John McClain would be the oldest elected at age 72. Sen. Barack Hussein Obama, the first black (mixed race). Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the first female, first wife of a former president, first ‘First Lady’ elected to the U.S. Senate. For the first time since JFK a United States senator will be elected. Early voting started February 19 for the Texas March 4 primary. Clinton and Obama will debate in Austin on CNN, 7 p.m. on Feb. 21. *****I’d best get going. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


The constant bashing, piling on negatives of Sen. Hillary Clinton by the nation’s news media has more to do with gender than anything else. It’s so normal to put down women that often it’s done without thought. Here is just one small example. I’m not doing this to cast stones at the Orange Leader, like many other newspapers they run a feel good review of the week’s events. All the papers give it a different name but it’s the same. The Leader calls theirs ‘Cheers and Jeers.’ The Jeers reflect really bad stuff. Here was the Leader’s really bad thing last week. ‘Jeers to presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton for being a sore loser.’ They went on to say she didn’t acknowledge or congratulate Barack Obama’s primary wins this past Tuesday. Now that’s not true. She didn’t acknowledge his win in her El Paso speech Tuesday night. For one thing, all the results were not in when she addressed her supporters plus that was her kickoff in Texas. However, on Wednesday morning, at a press conference, she congratulated Obama and his supporters for their successes the day before. She didn’t go overboard and tell him how great he is. The Leader piece also said, “Here’s a tip for Hillary, southerners pride themselves on hospitality.” They then went on to scold her by saying, “You’d better learn some manners before you begin your Texas campaign.” Can you believe it? Sen. Clinton lived in the southern state of Arkansas for many years, was first lady there and just lately overwhelmingly carried the state by a large margin. Mrs. Clinton is always a lady. It’s ignorance and a mind-set. Can you imagine if the Leader would have said that about a black, Yankee? That’s just one example of woman bashing. Think about a small, 4,000-subscription paper in Orange, Texas, and then think about the millions of newspaper readers and all the television and radio outlets that degrade women, especially Hillary, constantly. Make no mistake about it, it’s gender. You can find it around the workplace and everywhere men gather daily. I’m ashamed to say that I have some friends who are coming up with a poor excuse not to vote for Hillary. When tested, their true colors come out, “Obama will make the people feel good about the country like John Kennedy.” When I asked, “Would you vote for Bill Clinton?” The answer is always, “In a heartbeat, I’d vote for him tomorrow.” You see it has nothing to do with the phony feel good stuff. Obama says he will change the way they do business in Washington. Hog wash. Does he plan to change it with Tom Daschle, John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. Meanwhile, the negative gender vote and a near 90 percent black block vote has helped him carry some red states that he can’t carry in November because there won’t be a woman to kick around. He’s getting a free ride now because of his race but John McCain won’t cut him any slack. He’ll drop indicted landlord Antoine Rezko, Chicago racketeer, who’s in jail and will be ready to make a deal with the Republican prosecutors for a shorter jail term. He will spill the Obama beans. Too late to help Hillary however. George W. Bush lacked the experience. See where it got us. The next president will inherit a terrible mess. McCain and Clinton are qualified to lead, Obama is not. He’s to the left of the socialist in the party. Remember Jimmy Carter’s 21-percent interest. Hillary has paid her dues and sat in the front row of the most successful administration in 60 years but it appears she was born the wrong gender. How else can you account for a black man, with very little experience, even being in the ballpark? His race is not a deterrent, it’s an advantage. So why is everyone soft peddling it? She should forget that he’s black and drop the hammer on him. No one is giving her a break because she’s a woman. They handle him with kid gloves because of race. Well, what about gender. McCain won’t let race get in the way you can bet that. He’ll treat him like he would any white, black or brown guy.


30 Years Ago-1978
“Although the building has not yet been constructed, activity at the Bridge City Orangefield Community Center site is beginning to buzz as playing fields are readied,” said Roy Dunn, public relations spokesman and partner with other businessmen who donated and are developing the location. Jerry McInnis, president of the BC Little League said, “The League obtained 4.5 acres from this group to build three fields, two of which will be lighted. The backstop and dugouts are being built and new fences ordered.” According to McInnis, the work is being funded through a $12,000 signature loan that 25 people obtained from Fred Gregory at Bridge City Bank. McInnis also noted that the women’s auxiliary has already raised $3,000 and 25 signs for the playing fields have been sold. Dunn noted, “In addition to Little League fields, an adult softball field is being constructed at the Community Center site. The committee envisions other developments on the 20-acre tract in years to come.” (Editor’s note: Has that really been 30 years? I didn’t think McInnis was that old. I wonder if that bank loan led to him meeting his wife, Sheila, who was at the time, the prettiest young lady to ever work at the bank. Jerry was a handsome dude back then also. Jerry, in 30 years, has pushed and dug for every improvement made to the Little League field, one of the finest in the area. The public library, senior citizens center, public pavilion and a football field are now situated on this track of land. What began with an idea, some generous men and civic-minded people is now one of Bridge City’s great public assets. *****Four women students from Orange County have been selected to receive scholarships to the College of Health Science at Lamar. They are Faye Broussard of Orange, Janice Lapeyrolerie of Bridge City, Robin Moak of Orange and Jovita Leger of Vidor. *****Orange County 4-H’ers competing in events at the Houston Fat Stock Show are: Dairy Scrambles, Jeff Huckaby and Skipper DeVille, with Jay Huckaby alternate; Livestock Exhibitions, David LeBlanc, Danny Hudson, Mike Coody, Tim Spector, Cay Spector, Tim Shannon, George Shannon and Kelli Lowler.


Early voting is in progress. Thirty-five percent of Texas voters are expected to vote. It would be nice if Orange County voted 40 percent and led the state in turnout. A lot of good local candidates are running for office. No excuse not to vote. With a contested race for sheriff with three candidates and for the first time in history three open seats for constable in Pct. 1, Pct. 2 and Pct. 3. All are expected to be runoffs. A heads-up race in Pct. 4 and two county commissioner seats are contested in Pct. 1 and Pct. 3, where incumbents James Stringer and John Dubose have opponents. Look the political ads over, make a choice and take time to vote. *****If you are wondering why Wayne LeBlanc and A.J. Lemoine, Jr. are out so early in the morning it’s not that they are just coming in. They are out checking their hog traps and doing a little butchering while the weather is cool. *****Our buddy Joe Grossman turned 89 last week and we missed it. He’s one of our favorite Jews, who got lucky and married a good Cajun girl, Wilma, well over 60 years ago. Best wishes, Joe. *****Our best friend girl, Margie Stephens, has lost all her old favorites but Berkman off the Astros team. We’ve got to get around to visiting with her about her taking on the new, young Astros, plus she’s nice to look at. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a nice group out last week. All four JP’s attended, Judge Parkhurst, Judge Dunn, Judge Janice and Judge Price. They were all able to get through lunch without an emergency call. That’s unusual. They handle all accidental, suicide and home natural deaths. They are on 24-hour call and of all our elected officers, they have the most pressing and unpleasant job. If anyone needs to be more compensative it’s them. This week the Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s, 12 noon. Everyone welcome. *****Doug’s lovely wife Regina Harrington will celebrate her birthday Feb. 24. If you think Obama has a story it’s nothing next to the story Doug laid down to land that beauty all those many years ago. *****Lyle Overman is opening a new business. More on that later. *****The Record Newspapers received a big honor last week from the Texas American Legion. The Record was awarded first place in the state for the newspaper’s coverage of military activities and personnel. We thank local Post 270 for their nomination. See story. *****David Shuster, who was suspended by NBC for ‘pimping out’ remarks made against the Clintons, returns to work Feb. 22. Chris Matthews should be suspended for his Hillary Clinton bashing on MSNBC but was allowed to publicly apologize. *****H.D. Pate says he won’t ever watch MSNBC again. I agree. Starting with Joe Scarbrough’s ‘Morning Joe’ it’s an all day Clinton bashing. By the way, the Houston doctors told Pate his heart would be good for another ten years. He’s more likely to get run over slow-crossing the street. *****On Feb. 23, 1861, Texas joined the Confederacy. Read about what and how Orange County citizens were doing during the Civil War. I really enjoyed it. *****Maya Soetora-Ng, a resident of Hawaii, is neither Christian nor Muslim, she is a Hindu. Who is she? Oh well, you will never guess, she’s Barack Obama’s sister. By the way, does anyone know how many brothers and sisters he has? Did you know he is being charged with plagiarism for stealing other people’s speeches and repeating them in his stump speeches? This according to the New York Times. *****Happy birthday to Amanda Newman on Feb. 22 and Doris Byrd, Feb. 25. *****Happy anniversary to Tom and Florence Holcomb, Feb. 19 and Lyndon and Virginia Robinson on Feb. 23. *****Hecklers are being sent in to disrupt President Bill Clinton’s speaking engagements. They follow him around. Saturday, in Ohio, a heckler kept disrupting and then got in the receiving line and taunted the former president. Then a black guy got on television and said the president had pushed him, which was proved to be a lie, but MSNBC has made a big issue out of it. I’m afraid that’s just the beginning. *****Quote of the week comes from Dolly Parton, who is under doctor’s orders to rest her back for six to eight weeks. She says, “Hey, you try wagging these puppies around awhile and see if you don’t have back problems.”*****I need to check with Pattie, our connection in Las Vegas, to see what’s going on. Everything I see and read is negative Clinton, yet Hillary is still the odds-on favorite to win it all in Vegas.


Jason Clark, Martha Pittman, Nathan Dickman, Ron Teaff, Sydney Peet, Allison Floyd, Erin Boren, Jim Izer, Amanda Newman, George W. Stevens , Harry Risher, Jasmine Lindner, John Curphy, Leslie Braus, Wesley Arnold, Brint Carlton, Jody Andes, Juanita Sullivan, Kelle Betz, Matthew Bland, Rachel Doucet, Joe Hebert, Lois Gephart, Regina Harrington, Scarlett Fontenot, Taylor Brownlie, Bill Bennett, Doris Byrd, Angela Brinson, Betty Sherman, Claudia Williams, Eleanor Shult, Marilyn Powell and Zachary Gilliam.


Judge Rufus Dardeaux him, give Beau Boudreaux a lecture on da evils of drinking. Den he tole him, “In view of da fact dat dis is da first time dat you ever been in front of a Judge for being drunk and incapable, I’ll dismiss da case.
Da Judge den tole Boudreaux da court cost was $20. Den he say, “Now don’t let me ever see you face again.”
Boudreaux say, “Tank you Judge,” and turned to leave, den he stop and say, “Judge, I’m afraid dat I can’t do dat me.”
Da Judge is getting a little upset him and axe, “Boudreaux, why in da hell can’t you do dat hanh?”
“Well Judge, it’s like dis,” Boudreaux say, “You see Judge, me, I’m da bartender at T-Coon’s, your regular bar.”


Here’s a summary of the way I see it. If Sen. Clinton is not elected I believe it will be many years before a woman can be elected. First it’s hard to imagine one woman more prepared to serve. One tough enough to go toe to toe with any man. One who knows the workings of the presidency from the inside and is ready to lead through experience. I believe if Hillary isn’t elected at least two black men and a Hispanic will be elected before a woman of any color is. If not her, the odds favor a Republican, white woman to someday be the first. Most large newspapers are corporate owned, Republican, with editorial boards consisting of usually eight men out of ten members. They usually endorse the weakest Democrat and the strongest Republican and in the general election they most always endorse the Republican. The electronic media is not only corporate owned but also most anchors are men who have a constant battle with women replacing them. Most women anchors have had a difficult time with their male counterpart. In most cases however, males in the media are liberal. For a woman to be elected president they must have strong support from their gender. If women ever voted in solidarity like the blacks are doing for Obama, (average 89 percent), a woman, black or white, could increase the odds of being elected. Women have always been suppressed by males, even though men over the past 20 years have been more considerate of women, a strong negative towards them being in power still exists. It’s the case of a woman being more powerful than a man. About 35 percent of men will not vote for a woman to be the Commander-in-Chief. Not just Hillary, any woman. It’s dumb but it’s a fact. Black men gained the right to vote long before women did. Regardless of the education and qualification they face an average of 20 percent less pay. Anyway, Hillary has a better chance of being elected president if she can get the nomination. It will be up to women to secure the nomination but she will need a 60-percent female vote. That’s where it stands. Young people will come out in the primaries but their numbers drop by 40 percent in the general elections. It’s a history making time. Don’t count the lady out just yet. Her base is already in place in most of the states Democratics need in November if she can put Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania together and win the nomination.*****My time has run over. The Record is read by more Orange Countians than all other papers combined. For that we sincerely thank you. Check our website daily,, it’s the fastest growing web in the area. Take care and God bless our troops.