One of the main items on the agenda of the City Council of Bridge City Tuesday night concerned the curfew ordinance pertaining to minors. Detective Joey Hargrave presented the position of the Bridge City Police Department at the open hearing on the need to keep City Ordinance #05-04 in effect. The ordinance affects minors under 17 years of age.

Every three years, according to state statutes the need to keep the ordinance in effect must be discussed and approved by the city council.

Hargrave said, “law enforcement supports this ordinance 100 percent. It is a great aid to keeping kids off the streets. We need to keep the ordinance in effect.” He further stated that at times there have been groups of kids on bicycles out late at night and that the ordinance gives the police the authority to remove them.

There was no other discussion on the subject and when it came to a vote later in the meeting the vote passed unanimously. The ordinance will remain in effect.

Charlotte Chaisson with the Friends of the Library was questioned relating to the City accepting the donation of $50,000.00 for the library expansion. The question was whether the city would be obligated to cover the difference if the cost exceeded the amount deposited. Chaisson said, “if the cost of the expansion exceeds the funds we will have to raise more money to cover that cost. It will not be the city’s obligation.”
The vote to accept the funds passed unanimously and the account will be set up to receive the funds.

When the construction starts on the library expansion volunteer labor may be used. The workers will be covered under the city’s liability insurance. However, there will be no workmen’s compensation coverage.

Mayor Kirk Roccaforte called for a motion on the recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission about the request from Chris and Lisa Durso. The request was to rezone a portion of their property from single family residential to third commercial district. No motion was made and the request could not be acted on.

After the meeting Durso said, “we have other options and we will pursue them.”

Approval was given to the preliminary plat application for Dishon’s Plantation. This will enable the needed tie-ins to be made to the city sewer system.

R. C. Russell appeared before the council with a request for action on a problem concerning noise coming from the former skating rink on Center Street. On weekends bands playing in the building are doing so in a very loud manner and creating problems in the neighborhood. Russell says he is going through channels to try to remedy the problem.

 “Sometimes the noise is so loud that it overpowers the TV and shakes the windows,” he said. “One night there were some kids going around the church on the corner. I could not tell what they were up to because they were in the dark around the dumpster box,” he goes on to say. He thanked the council for their time and said, “I hope you can help us.”

In other business, Jerry Jones, Public Works Director stated that bids will be let on Feb 21, 28, and March 4 for upcoming city projects.

After the second reading of the ordinance restricting the use of commercial vehicles travelling on city streets, the ordinance was voted into effect.

The election agreement was approved. This will allow the City, School, Drainage District and Navigation and Port District elections to be held jointly.

Incoming City Manager Jerry Jones was appointed to replace outgoing City Manager Don Fields on the Economic Development Board.