First Presbyterian Church of Orange
Lenten Lunches and Meditation
February 27 – March 12
12 Noon – 1:00 P.M.
First Presbyterian Church of Orange will be offering a series of Lenten meditations to the community and church members on  Wednesdays,  February 27 through March 12, from noon until 1:00 P.M.  Free lunch will be served.
The sanctuary of the Lutcher Building, located at 902 Green Avenue, will be open for silent prayer and meditation.  Printed devotionals will be available.  The Director of Music, Darren Hoyland, will be playing the fifty year old Casavant  seventy –three rank French-style pipe organ located in the sanctuary.
Free bag lunches will be provided in the Fellowship Hall of the Lutcher Building. You are welcome to dine in or dine out.
Lent is a  forty day period, preceding Easter,  set aside by the Christian faith for prayer and repentance.  Please plan to come and join us  for silent prayer and reflection. Silent  Witness pins, reminding us of the significance of the season, will be available.
You may access the First  Presbyterian website: for information about additional Lenten and Easter services and activities.  For questions, contact the church office at 409-883-2097.