Marriage License: Issued By The Office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For The Week Of Feb.18, 2008 thru Feb.2, 2008
Billy W Cartlidge Jr and Jennifer C Owens
Dwight T Elliott and Lazette M White
Ronald L Crane and Shannon M Flanagan
Charles M Nagle and Cindy D Cooper
Robert W Frederick and Drexell A Gaddis
Aaron A Richardson and Tiffany M Anselmo
Matthew J Secor and Amy L Ingle
Brad L Burrows and Nicole A Wilhelm
Billy R Woodward and Tiffany S Kelley
Michael S Alvin and Amy E Carroll
Jerald L Monceaux and Kristy L Hunt
John E LaBleu and Kathy A Gill
James R Belew and Carla J Summers
Keith A Reynolds and Tiffany A Craft
Jonathan P Stevenson and Zetta M Martin
Bryan J Droddy and Renee L Sayers
Edward H Hart and Melinda A LeBlanc
Peter D Lynd and Shirley A Dukes
Rodney E Seal Jr and Amanda N Neeb
Jason K Carpenter and Mistie G Langley
Alland C Hanna and Mandy R Self
Victor A Garcia IV and Lyndi S Morris