Prom is the most anticipated night of a girl’s high school career – it’s a night to be spent with the date she’s always dreamed of, in a dress beyond her expectations. Lamar Institute of Technology in conjunction with Beaumont ’s Child Protective Services will create magical memories for high-school-aged foster children attending prom in 2008.

            LIT collecting the dresses with help from its Office Technology Association, said Lizzette Rivera, organization advisor. CPS will pick up the donated dresses from LIT this week.
            “I have seen throughout the years that these girls don’t ask or feel that they shouldn’t ask their foster parents for the extra expense of prom,” Shari Pulliam said. “When these girls are transformed at our Girls Night Out Celebration, their attitude becomes one of gratitude. They exude self-confidence and get a feeling that the community cares about them and wants them to feel special,” Pulliam.
            This is the first year for LIT to participate in the Prom Dress Drive, but it is not their first time to assist CPS. LIT is large contributor to the Christmas toy drive each year. Pulliam is excited about LIT’s involvement in this initiative because many LIT students have attended prom in recent years and their dresses are most current with today’s trends. 
            For more information, contact LIT Instructor Rivera at 839-2082 or Pulliam of CPS at 718-7220.

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