Early stages of work on the large Ferry Drive project have begun. Documents needed for the bids to be let are being prepared. Some engineering documents have been reviewed and are being sent back for correction before being sent out to bidders.
Bids will be due in May for the work to be done on the water, sewer, and drainage. This will be the first phase of the construction. Large culverts will be installed to replace the ditches running parallel to Ferry Drive. Public Works Director Jerry Jones said, “some of these culverts will be box type culverts and some will be the arch type. Plans are being re-evaluated now to see which type will be used and where they will be used.”
Jones was once asked where the dirt would come from to fill the large ditches. He said, “once the culverts are installed that will take up most of the ditch. It will be up to the contractor to find the dirt for the remainder.”

There are pipelines in the area. Drainage for one will have to be relocated and one pipeline may have to be lowered. “These are not major issues,” Jones said.
Ferry Drive will be a joint project with TxDOT. The city will do the preliminary work of drainage, water and sewer. When the basic work is done then TxDOT will come in and begin the actual road construction.

TxDOT is expected to use a road surface material of asphalt similar to that of Texas Avenue. The asphalt surface material has been found to be highly durable and much more economical than concrete. “An advantage to asphalt is that if it needs to be repaired it can be ground out and replaced. It is a simpler and less costly process than repairing concrete,” Jones said. “We have also been pleased with the way water seems to not build up on Texas Avenue the way it has done in the past. This is due to the new type road surface. We are hoping for the same results of Ferry Drive.”

The city has plans to re-route traffic from Ferry Drive while the work is being done. There is also the possibility of re-calibrating the traffic signals at each end of Ferry Drive for better traffic flow once the construction is completed.

Jones also said, “ bids are being released now for the water tower project and the Highway 87 drainage project.

The next six months or so will be very busy, also next week we will begin to advertise for a new Public Works Director.”