Last week, for the first time since Hurricane Rita, I heard a pack of coyotes. Three of them can sound like a dozen. I don’t know what they were chasing, but they chased most of the night. The birds since Rita haven’t gotten to their old numbers either and we miss them. Bridge City used to have hundreds of pigeons, today, we see very few. ***** Election time is in full swing and things are heating up in Orange County races. I believe I could predict some outcomes, but I won’t. One thing I can predict is that we’re looking at three runoffs, possibly four. There will be some surprises, while other races are obvious because there are really no issues. *****On the national scene. Back in 2000, I predicted, in this column, that if the country elected George Bush we would live to regret it. He had no experience running against Al Gore, one of the most qualified to ever run for president. We said then that Bush would have to have someone else to run the country. It ended up being Dick Cheney. At the time we said gasoline, at the pump, that was 79 cents a gallon would go up to $2. We were low on our prediction. Bush ran on change, ‘Compassionate Conservative,’ ‘Uniter not Divider,’ a stronger America, with job growth. He inherited a large surplus from Clinton but has never balanced a budget and has increased the national debt by over four trillion dollars. The Clinton Administration created 22 million new jobs. Today people all over this country are losing their homes, the middle-class has been pushed down while the rich and the large corporations have ended up with all the wealth. Big oil has made more profits in seven years than all the previous years before. Obama has even less experience than Bush did, plus he’s one of the most liberal United States senators. His administration will be riddled with inflation, and his lack of experience will open the door to all kinds of pitfalls. We could possibly wish for the Bush years to come back if he’s elected. He offers the same talk that Bush did, with no substance, just ‘trust’ me, I’ll make changes. If Hillary is not the nominee we’ll end up with John McCain. Hillary could make Texas a blue state. With her leading the Party we could change Austin, elect a Democratic governor in 2010 and take over the house and senate, and with a new census, redistrict the state and break away from the bondage of Houston and Dallas. Orange County could be whole again with one state representative that we can count on. We will live to regret the day that Obama or McCain is elected.*****I’d best be going. More on this, but for now, come along, it won’t do you no harm.



Hear me out. When Barack Obama ran for United States senator in Illinois, the Republican candidate running against him dropped out. Alan Keyes, who had just run for president, was brought in from another state to challenge Obama. Sen. Hillary Clinton campaigned for him and helped raise money. After arriving at the White House, Sen. Clinton was the first he contacted for advice. She told him to work hard and keep a low profile because freshmen senators were scrutinized more carefully. Get established she told him, before making too many waves. In that one year he became the most liberal U.S. senator, surpassing Ted Kennedy. He voted for every spending bill, including every one of Bush’s bills to finance the war in Iraq. At the end of just one year in the senate he said, “I know everything I need to know about this job, I’m ready to be president of the United States and the leader of the free world.” I’m sure it didn’t go down that way, no one is that arrogant. Instead, because of his great talent to communicate he was picked, after just one year, to be someone’s candidate for president. The question is who? We know the Mafia supported John Kennedy and he appointed brother Bobby as Attorney General. When he turned on the bookies that possibly may have ended up getting both of them killed. George W. Bush was supported by big oil only if Dick Cheney could run the country but who is the power behind Obama? He wasn’t arrogant enough to believe he could be president with just one year’s experience. We know Oprah introduced him to the country two weeks before he announced for the presidency. We know he came from the Daley, South Chicago machine and in the state senate he had a record of dodging the hard issues. Prior to his announcement someone hired the best political people, including Clinton’s best strategist and speechwriter. Obama didn’t do that. Oprah is the country’s richest woman but she’s not political enough to set up such an operation. They have crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s. Someone knows if it’s the World Bank, Louis Farrakhan or whoever. Hillary will not expose him on it to save the Democratic Party. McCain will. I’m glad Hillary is finally calling him on some of the shenanigans he’s been pulling to win those red and caucus states. Although he has a great public image, his campaign has put out false propaganda in mail outs. He’s claiming he will save the U.S. and the world. Even though he has gotten cocky, no one is arrogant enough to believe that with so little qualifications he is ready to be president. Something doesn’t meet the eye. 



Glenn Gill replaced David Wheaton as Bridge City Water District manager. Julie Duncan was selected as office supervisor of four women employees. *****Lowell Scribner celebrates a birthday. (Editor’s note: Lowell died a few years ago.)*****Wilda Martin and husband Lewis celebrate 25 years of marriage. *****Go Texan representatives from Orange County are Jack Hunter, Clyde and Bea Jordan, Sheriff Ed Parker and Wayne Frederick. *****The Bridge City-Orangefield Community Center reps declare, ‘tape it up week’ with signs reading “Lets Build It Now.” Citizens are asked to take one and tape it to their car windows to show they are backing the effort to build a community center in Bridge City. No public funds are being used for the center, the land was donated and funds raised from local families. *****Don Cole, owner of Cole Plumbing, filed for Place 2 on the Bridge City Council. The spot is being vacated by Billy Wright. Cole is challenged by Clifford Sneed. *****Curtis Fisette, son of Patsy and Harold, had knee surgery at St. Elizabeth Hospital. *****Janice Lapeyrolerie, a sophomore at Lamar, receives the Mamie McFadden Scholarship. She is working toward her Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing. *****The Western Store holds its grand opening. Congrats to Ms. Kathy Lucia on her nice new building on Green Avenue.*****Jack and Elaine White are going to be grandparents. *****Connie and Johnny Dorman became the parents of an 8 pound, 1 ounce baby boy Thursday. The 20 inch high youngster will be named Brandon. Proud grandparents are Vivian and Jack Dorman. Their daughter Donna gave them a grand daughter a few months ago. *****Norman and Ginger Prince, along with friends Freddie and Denise Guyote, have just returned from a Red River, New Mexico, skiing trip. It was their first experience. *****Delores Cantu, a West Orange High grad, can be seen in her first feature role in ‘The Class Renegade,’ March 2, on NBC. Miss Cantu’s career started in 1972 when she appeared in the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants representing Eastern Airlines as ‘Miss Hospitality.’ She has appeared in ‘The Edge of Night,’ ‘Love of Life,’ ‘Annie Hall’ and was in ‘Saturday Night Fever.’ She has done commercials for MacDonald’s and numerous others. She plans to come home for the class of ‘68 reunion. (Editor’s note: I wonder what Delores is doing today?)



Moving ahead on technology. “People will increasingly interact with computers using speech and touch screens rather than keyboards,” Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said last week, “It’s one of the big bets we’re making.” He was in Pittsburgh in the final step of a farewell tour before he withdraws from the company’s daily operation in July. Gates is one of America’s great personal success stories. *****Despite gasoline supplies at their highest level in 14 years, oil companies are making record profits and paying outrageous management bonuses; the price at the pump could rise this summer to $3.50 a gallon without disrupting the domestic supply. By next fall, prior to the national election, prices will drop to around $2.25 a gallon, giving a big impression of cheap gas, down by over $1 a gallon. It will be an election mirage. Sen. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate with a plan to put excess tax on the oil companies who continue gouging at the pump. Oil companies who exceed a good profit.*****Happy birthday to the great state of Texas. On March 2, 1836, 172 years ago, Texas was declared an Independent Nation.*****Also happy birthday to a few friends. Marilyn Powell, Feb. 26, David Claybar, Feb. 27, Royce Pendergast, Feb. 28, ‘Leap Year’ baby, Preston Conway, who was born Feb. 29, which means his day is marked every four years. If he’s lived 72 years, then he is celebrating his 18th birthday and Franklin Scales, who celebrates March 3.*****Celebrity birthdays, Chelsea Clinton will be 28, Feb. 27, Elizabeth Taylor, 76, Feb. 27, Mario Andretti, 68, Feb. 28 and Ron ‘Opie’ Howard, 54, March 1.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s, 12 noon. Everyone welcome. A nice group is expected.*****Speaking of Tuffy’s, a group of us took in a mess of boiled crawfish, barbecue crabs, fried shrimp etc. and the food has never been better, especially the crawfish and crabs. We spotted David Vandergriff and his pretty wife Martha, taking time off from campaigning to load up on crawfish.*****Orange Savings Bank CEO Darby Byrd will step down to be replaced as president by Orange native Stephen Lee. Stephen being elevated to the top is a good move. Everyone who knows him has nothing but praise and considers him to be a good man. He’s one of Benis Lee’s three sons and like his dad, was raised in the banking business and has a strong affection for Orange County. Stephen is a people person. We can’t say enough about the great job Darby and his folks have done with OSB financial services. The growth and expansion of the bank far exceeds the expectations at the time Darby and his stockholders took over Orange Savings Bank. We wish Stephen the best and wonder what Byrd will do with all that free time.*****The ‘Daily Texan’ a daily newspaper that serves the 50,000 students of the University of Texas, Friday endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. “Considering the current state of America now is not the time for radical change. Logically, Hillary Clinton should be the next president of the United States, under her leadership we can return to being the great country we once were.” See full endorsement elsewhere in this paper, in it they explain why they feel Hillary should be elected. It makes a lot of sense but I have to admit I was somewhat surprised. *****Congrats to Coach Roc and his Lamar basketball team, who are now 11-1. They play again Wednesday night. Over 8,000 fans showed up for the last outing. They are putting Beaumont on the map.*****Speaking of that, I heard Beaumont mentioned on national television at least a dozen times since former President Bill Clinton appeared here last week. That was his third visit, before, during and after being United States President.*****If you haven’t visited Snappy’s for breakfast, let me recommend it to you. Ask for your FREE coffee. If Glenda Thompson is around, you get a double treat. She’s just one of those great, fun ladies.*****We have had inquiries about what’s become of Vickie Parfait. Vickie now lives in Houston with her daughter after suffering a stroke several months ago. She wrote many great articles for us over ten years. Her ‘Gal Next Door’ columns were very popular. I wish she were able to write those again. We will check on her and keep you up to date. Thanks for inquiring.*****Our friend Mary Stanton hasn’t been seen in months. Last I heard she was working for Ray and Tina Cotton at ‘The Longhorn.’ Her husband Don, we understand, has had some up and down days but is mostly okay.*****Our longtime pal Joe Payne, at Harmon Chevrolet, is facing some health problems right now but Joe is the toughest little guy we know. He’ll battle through this and be fine.


Zachary Gilliam, Amanda Beeson, Bailey Noah, Beth Mathews, Butch Choate, David Claybar, Gretta Brinson, James Wilkinson, Lindsey Moreau, Sarah Havens, Allisha Bonneaux, Amy Ball, Kathy McKenzie, Kurt Reeves, Royce Pendergast, Ginger Romero, Logan Dubose, Will Brinson, George Cassidy, Jennifer Thomas, John Gooch
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One morning last week at daylight, Rufus Tibodeaux found his friend Clovis Comeaux on da lot behind Tee-Boy’s Bar & Grill, apparently looking for sumting him.

“Wat’s dat you looking for Comeaux?” He noticed that Clovis had da left side of his head in his palm.”

“Tib, I hate to told you, las night I got in a fight with Leroy Broussard and he cut off my ear him, I’m here trying to find my ear before somebody run over it.”

Thibodeaux say, “I’ll help you look for it.”

After a little while, over in da shell, Tib pick up something dat look like an ear. He holler at Comeaux wat was still holding his head to hide dat ugly place. “Comeaux, look wat I find, I tink dat’s you ear for sure.”

Clovis say, “Tib, put dat ugly ting down, dat’s not my ear, I can told you dat.”

Tib say, “How you know dat you?”

“Well Tib, because mine had a pencil on top of it.”



A week to go before Election Day. Regardless if you vote early or on March 4th on Election Day, we suggest you attend your precinct convention. Your support at the caucus could make the difference in a close race. One third of all delegates are awarded through the caucus process.*****My final thoughts on the presidential race. In my final analysis, experience counts. President Geo. W. Bush’s lack of it proved that. The United States is in a war on two fronts. Russia appears to be trying to turn the clock back to its authoritarian, nationalist days. The sub-prime mortgage crisis is spreading even wider across our nation. Our national debt is in the trillions and it’s hard to see the end. There’s so much more. Change has to happen in Washington, it’s in shambles. It will happen amid action and inactions, of many bureaucrats working in an incredibility complex system of laws and unwritten rules. It takes experience to handle reality and make it work. We need a proven leader who knows that we need better health care, more affordable housing, better opportunities overall and a more open, efficiently run government. That’s what America needs. Hillary Clinton is a woman but she is solid and fits the bill to meet the challenges. This is no time to gamble.*****Please read us cover to cover, read the political ads, make a choice and vote. Look our advertisers over, shop them when you can, they bring you this publication FREE every week. We enjoy hearing from you. E-mail us at or drop us a line. Thanks for your time; mine is all used up. Take care and God bless our troops.