The Community Christian School Science Fair was a great success! Congratulations to all our participants and thanks to Dr. Fred Smith, Jr., Susan Cook, and Lisa Berwick for sponsoring this event. Special thanks to our guest judges: Laurie Beard, the elementary principal; Brent Faulk, Asst. Children’s Pastor; Gene Mires and Robin Clark from Chevron-Phillips; Mr. J.D. Parden and Dr. Ravi Kaggel of Invista.
K-5                                                      Project                                      Award
Nate Brown                                      “Volcanoes”                                 2nd Place Ribbon
Marlie Deason                                 “Adam and Eve”                          1st Place Ribbon
Kade Franklin                                  “Gods oldest creature”                2nd Place Ribbon
Colt Fuller                                          “Life of a Butterfly”                       2nd Place Ribbon
Makayla Garcia                                “Genesis”                                      1st Place Ribbon
Felicity Matthews                              “Horses”                                       1st Place Ribbon
Hannah Sherin                                  “Bears”                                         1st Place Ribbon
1st Grade
Emily Bingham                                 “Horse Facts”                              2nd Place Ribbon
Lilly Johnson                                     “Gods Little Frogs”                    1st Place Ribbon
Allison Le                                           “How Much Salt..”                     1st Place Ribbon
Mattilyn Matthews                             “Jelly Fish”                                  2nd Place Ribbon
J. Michael Woodcraft                        “Toad and Tree Frog”              1st Place Ribbon
2nd Grade
Amaris Berwick                                 “Is Mr. Phats, the Frog,           1st Place Ribbon
                                                              Really a Pig?”
Lindsey Burns                                   “Sea Creatures”                       2nd Place Ribbon
Reagan Hambrick                             “United States Terrain           1st place Ribbon
                                                              And Climate”        
Macy LeBlanc                                    “Crystals”                                  2nd place Ribbon
3rd Grade
Josh Howard                                    “Making a Battery”                         Superior
Patrick Riley                                     “Light of the World”                        Superior
Theresa Beckett                               “Rocks and Minerals”                    Good
Sarah Fare                                        “Treasures of the Earth”                Honorable Mention
Valerie Leblue                                  “Elephants”                                      Good
4th Grade
Rebecca Tibbits                               “The Silliest Putty”                           Superior
Danielle Gyasi                                 “The Nervous System”                    Honorable Mention
M’Kenzie Jones                              “Spud Power”                                    Excellent
Jonathan Sills                                   “Tornados”                                       Good
5th Grade
Arianna Alford                                   “Tumbling into Gymnastics”          Superior
Aaron Rose                                       “DNA Extractions”                           Excellent
Nickolas Zerko                                  “Potato Power”                                Good
Courtney Anderson                          “Reptiles”                                         Honorable Mention
8th Grade
Ivey Beniot                                        “Freshen Up”                                    Superior
Ashlyn Akthar                                    “Whitener Test….                            Superior
                                                             What brand is the Best”
Samantha Leifeste                           “Got Dirt”                                          Superior
James Herbert                                 “Saltwater Crystals”                         Good
Lauren Jackson                               “This Flashlight of Mine                  Excellent
                                                             How Long will it Shine”
Noella Schluter                                 “Hot Ice”                                            Excellent
Sara Scarborough                           “Diet…is it worth it?”                        Good
Amanda Royer                                 “Take the Cola” Challenge”           Excellent
Krislon Lona                                     “Crystals”                                           Good
Elliot Atkinson                                  “Static Electricity”                              Honorable Mention
Jade Corbello                                  “Suck it up”                                         Excellent
Harvey Hammond                           “Salt vs. Sugar Crystals”              Honorable Mention
Amy Hanks                                       “Eye Shadow, Which One
 Last Longest”                Good                                   
Madalyn TranReno                          “You’re so Rotten”                             Good
Haley Brack                                       “Stain, Stain Go Away”                      Excellent
Brooke Boatman                                “What’s Your Identity”                       Excellent
10th Grade
Chelsea Mires                          “Words for Life”                                Excellent
            Several students are advancing to Regional Science Fair Competition March 12, 2008 in Humble, Texas: Josh Howard, Patrick Riley, Rebecca Tibbitts, Arianna Alford, Ivey Benoit, Ashlyn Akhtar, Samantha Leifeste