By Karen Kissel

Faith United Methodist Church is on a journey—a journey to make a difference for Jesus Christ. That journey began a little over two years ago when two local United Methodist Churches merged, giving birth to the new church. Meeting at 2906 Western Avenue, the people of Faith UMC felt God leading them to provide Methodism to an area in the community where no United Methodist Church existed. So they took a giant leap of faith and purchased thirty-four acres of property on North MLK Drive, just west of the Meeks Drive intersection, to build a new United Methodist campus.

Soon after that, the church hired architect Mark Magnuson to design the first phase of their Master Plan. Late last year, the City of Orange granted approval for the church to build. As the journey continues, Faith’s building committee and architect are looking forward to breaking-ground soon for the project — a center for worship, gatherings, and Christian learning. 

Through these efforts to build this new facility, God has worked many miracles. While current members are being transformed, a fresh energy is developing as new people are joining the journey to bring Faith UMC to the new location on North MLK Drive. 

Two of the church’s newest members, Robin and Jerry Longest, live near the future building site, but instead of waiting for the church to be built on MLK, they took a proactive approach to help the church get there. After visiting Faith UMC, they became excited by all they saw and heard, “We were wowed by the extreme caring and welcoming nature of the people!” Early this year, Robin and Jerry made the decision to become a part of the journey by joining the church and committing to serve in ministry at Faith now, instead of later. 

And faithful to their decision, they have done just that! Robin has become actively involved in the music ministry of the church by sharing her musical gifts and talents, while Jerry has shared his photography talent on many occasions. Realizing that “serving God helps you grow spiritually,” Robin and Jerry have gained spiritual enrichment in their lives by faithfully participating in worship and assisting with Holy Communion, working in the kitchen during fellowship gatherings, providing food for meals, and attending prayer services.

Faith UMC invites you too, to join the journey of faith by coming to Sunday morning worship at 10:50 a.m. Currently meeting at 2906 Western Avenue, the church will soon move to an interim location in the north Orange area while waiting for completion of the new building. You can learn more about the ministries and mission of the church at