Friday was Brittany Trantham’s Lucky Day. She walked away from what could have been a tragic accident.

Around 3 p.m,. Feb. 29, Her vehicle, a late model, dark blue, Jeep, was in the turning lane of Texas Ave. in Bridge City facing south. While turning left into the Dairy Queen parking lot, her automobile  was clipped by an eighteen wheeler tanker truck.

Trantham’s vehicle was hit in the rear corner. The impact made the vehicle flip on its side.

“She was coming to the store to pick up boxes for her mother,” said her aunt, Kathy LeBlanc. Working at the Hobby Horse, LeBlanc heard the crash and ran outside.

Pete Frederick was in Tropical Tan and also ran outside when he heard the accident. “I rushed outside to see if I could help,” he said.

As emergency personnel arrived, they assessed the situation. Trantham was conscious and appeared un harmed, but shaken.

Rescue workers used lumber to brace the vehicle to keep it from falling on either side. Once braced and Trantham was released from her seat belt, she was able to step outside the vehicle through the sun roof.

She was a little unsteady, but refused medical treatment and was helped by her aunt and mother to walk to the Hobby Horse. Trantham went home soon after.

“She’s home now, I just got off the phone with her,” said LeBlanc. “She’s okay, I’m sure she’ll be sore tomorrow or tonight, but she’s OK. She got lucky with that one.”

The driver of the other vehicle was not injured.

It is unknown if any citations were issued.

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