Marriage License Issued By

The Office Of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For The Week of February 25, 2008 Through February 29, 2008
Alan B. Castle and Cindy R. Wise
Brian S. Anguiano and Christina S. Pentland
Daniel E. Winfree and Brittany S. Roberts
Jacob M. Broussard and Amy N. Champeaux
Michael E. Hollie Jr. and Kimberly A. Cole
Kenneth E. Comeaux and Jody A. Almaguer
Travis J. Kelley and Ledah L. Austin
David L. Weldon and Sharla J. Frye
Michael W. Sullivan and Brittany D. Guilott
Sean C. Robinson and Jennifer P. Neal
Jose Castillo Jr. and Luz Baena
Donald R. Strother Jr. and Tracy L. Mitchell
Dale L. VanGundy and Cassie J. Chandler
Jacob C. Maddox and Destiny N. Zinn
Kirk A. Venable and Amy C. Maxey
Jeffrey G. Waisath and Christy R. Simmons
Ronald C. Peveto and Amber R. Matlock
Michael P. Naquin and Melynda S. Craft
Michael P. Daly and Linda E. Ellender
Aaron G. Higgins and Leah C. Reviea
Christopher L McDonald and Brittany C Venable
Billy W Cartlidge Sr and Misty A Franko
Kirk A Wilson and Donna J Corbitt

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