Twelve students from The University of Texas at Dallas will spend their spring vacation at Nehemiah's Vision, a nonprofit organization facilitating disaster recovery group in Vidor, Texas. Known as Alternative Spring Break, the students will take part in a week-long volunteer project to rebuild and repair homes affected by Hurricane Rita, with special emphasis on working with disadvantaged populations in the area.
WHAT:  College students from The University of Texas at Dallas are
 taking an alternative spring break to help at Nehemiah's Vision, where they will rebuild and repair homes for those affected by Hurricane Rita.
WHEN:  March 9-15
WHERE:  Nehemiah's Vision, 270 N. Main St., Vidor, Texas
VISUAL:  Hard-working students, wearing the latest in construction
 attire (no bikinis allowed) and helping those less fortunate.
CONTACT:  To reach the students, call Jenni Huffenberger at UTDallas (972) 883-4431,, Mark Chavez onsite in Vidor, 940-597-7121 or Kerry Tate onsite in Vidor, 972-345-3720.
Other UT Dallas alternative spring break trips will include environmental restoration, medical and brain injury rehabilitation, social services for the elderly and disabled, at-risk youth mentoring and assistance with arts and technology media needs.