Concerned citizens addressed the Bridge City Council Tuesday night about the neighborhood disruption caused when music programs are held at the old Bridge City Skate Park.

Sissy Bause led the the group. "They park all over people?s private property whenever the parking lots over fill. There are people walking up and down the streets at all hours," she said. "They go through the fence to Market Basket and do things over there, like pushing carts all through the parking lot and messing around the dumpsters."

There were reports of beer bottles and other trash being left in the yards of the residents around the Skate Park after the music programs.

"The street (Center Street) gets so crowded that emergency vehicles could not get through if they needed to. We have called wrecker companies to tow cars off of private property but they refuse to come do it" said Bause.

R.C. Russell appeared before the council for the second time about the Skate Park problem. He thanked the Council for their attention to the problem and said, "the problem is still there and it will not go away unless something can be done legally."

There were reports of apparent public intoxication and arrests by police when they have grounds to take action.

"Most of the time these kids are defiant to the police, show them disrespect and I have even heard one kid say to the police, ?’You can?’t do anything to me’?" Bause said.

The general feeling is that most of the persons attending the music programs are not local.

In other city business, City Manager Jerry Jones presented a bid from Isler Demolition, Inc. of Romeo, Mich. for demolition of the water tower on Rachal Drive. Isler was not the low bidder but Jones explained, "Isler is a company that goes nation-wide dismantling water towers. This is all they do and they will do the job in one day. We feel that this would be better for the city than the other bid that would have taken two weeks." The Council voted to accept the bid from Isler Demolition.

Jones also presented a bid from Specialized Maintaince Services, Inc. of Pasadena for the storm sewer cleaning along Texas Avenue. Six contractors had bid on the job. Specialized Maintaince was the low bidder and the council approved the bid. The cleaning could start as early as next week.

Funding for both projects will come from the grant to the City for Hurricane Rita damages.

The Bridge City Police Department made its annual report on racial profiling. The report shows no instances of racial profiling in arrests or other actions by the police department. The Council accepted the report.

City Attorney Paul Fukuda gave the first reading of an ordinance change on property owned by Martha Garrett on Roberts Ave. The Council had previously approved the zone change after having gone through the proper procedures. The property will change from R-1 Single family to R-2 Low Density Residential District.