Marriage License Issued By
The Office Of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For The Week of March 4, 2008 Through March 7, 2008
Shawn L. Gutmann and Heidi Melton
Ronald K. Beatty and Tracy L. Schrader
Phillip L. Gilmore and Haixia Kong
Robert D. Ceasar and Ida L. Jackson
William J. Peterson IV and Naomi E. Parker
Jairo A. Verma and Courtney M. Rogers
Johnny R. Latham and Candace R. Latham
Mark H. Autrey and Tisha K. Greer
Gregory A. May and Kristy D. LeBlanc
James E. Mitchell and Erica M. Beasley
David E. Ochoa Jr. and Michelle L. Babin
James R. Stark and Charlene M. Granger
Gilford W. Thomas III and Julia P. Barron
Brandon P. LeBlanc and Erika M. Smith