I find a quick pie is more to my liking than a quick cake, so I have a couple for you.
But first I want to caution you shoppers to keep a better eye on your purse.

Charles and I do our daily walking in a store since I can’t walk out side any more. We see so many people walking off and leaving their purse in the buggy unattended.

Once, a lady at the pharmacy in front of Charles had her purse in the seat of the buggy, open and the wallet showing. After she had her medication in hand and had signed for it, she just turned and walked off the other way. Monday when we were walking, a lady left her buggy in a center isle and walked down a side isle with her purse in the seat of the buggy, however she had it hidden under a loaf of bread.

Personally, I don’t like to carry a purse, so I have a cloth tote slung over my shoulder and my hand wrapped around the strap. When I get tiered of that I put it in the bottom of the buggy and tie the straps through the side bars, however, my billfold, car keys and inhaler is in my pocket.

Now for the pie.

Buy a ready made crust, package of chocolate Jell-o pie mix. You can even use sugar free. Now if you want to fancy it up, spread it with whipped tipping. You could add chopped pecans, or chopped cherries, that you have drained on a paper towel.
Don’t like chocolate? Try a banana pie. You’ll need a ready made pie shell, a jell-o vanilla or banana pie mix.

Slice the bananas into the baked crust and instantly spread the jell-o over them, so it will mix well. Top it with whipped topping.

Do a steak, baked potatoes and a salad and your all fixed up.

Even better it is Gooder’n Syrup. Von