Bull riders had some hot times in the “Ring of Fire” at the Texas Longhorn.
March 7 was the best night of bull riding at the club to date. It was also the start of the spring series “The Ring of Fire.” There were 16 bull riders on the books for the night.
Eleven of the 16 had ridden earlier in the Buna Redbud Festival Rodeo and made the drive to the Longhorn to compete in the first round of the series. Rodeo Director Coleman Peveto did an exceptional job of assembling his arena crew for the night. Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame member Dickie Richards was one judge with David Knight on the other side of the judges’ area. Knight is a long-time bull rider, rodeo clown and bullfighter with several appearances at the National Finals Rodeo among his many accomplishments.

Cody Chaisson was once again the bullfighter and would prove to be invaluable as the night went on.

The first five riders out of the chutes went to the dirt early in the rides; the bulls were spinning and proved too hard to handle.

Casey Stone covered his bull for an 85-point ride even after being driven into the fence near the announcer’s stand.

Nathan Dupree was bucked off and in the process hooked by the bull’s horns, kicked in the back and just beat up badly in the process.

The night had one serious injury when Stafford Purdue was hooked in the base of the neck as he lost control in a spin. The paramedics were called in and spent time stabilizing his neck for the trip to the hospital.

Joshua Marks was bucked off in front of the chute, hit the ground with a roll and rolled into the chute. The chute boss slammed the gate shut and kept the bull away from him. That was the comedy for the night.

Landis Hooks made what would prove to be the high ride. He scored 90 points by making a very good controlled ride on a tough bull. He stayed up on his hand and was able to keep good position through some tough spins and high kicks.

Josh Barrentine was the winner at the Buna Rodeo earlier. His Longhorn draw was the biggest bull of the night. The hard-bucking bull maintained the level of difficulty throughout the ride. Barrentine made a good ride but the judges only scored him with 84 points. That would place him in third.

With the usual $250 added to the pot, the payoff for the night was $475 for first place, $267 for second place, and $178 for third place.

The riders who scored points will begin to accumulate points for the series. The finals will be the third Friday in May and the grand prize is a custom-designed buckle by Montana Silversmiths valued at $500.

At 10:45 p.m., the Bellamy Brothers took the stage for a great night of old favorite top hits and some of their new music.

The show opener was “Old Hippie.” It seemed to get things kicked off with the crowd. There was a mix of ages in attendance with the audience being slightly older than usual. The acoustics were good and the crowd was large but not packed in tightly.

 There was room to dance in front of the stage and couples would from time to time take advantage of the space when the mood hit them.

The Bellamys quipped, “We are playing some old hits; we only have old hits.” That was fine with the crowd; they loved “My Love Will Never Die”, “Sugar Daddy”, and “Do You Love As Good As You Look.”

They played a new song with a country-Cajun rock tempo about a “Cajun Queen that went to New Orleans” and proved that after many years of hits, they still have more to come. Their 49th album was released six months ago. They said “it is a gospel album, but one you can dance and drink beer to.”

The Bellamys proved that they are the “Timeless Duo” and the longer they played, the better the show got and the more the crowd loved them.

The next concert will be the Marshall Tucker Band on April 4. It will also be another night of the “Ring of Fire” series