Following triumphant successes in London, on Broadway and across North America, BLAST!, winner of the 2001 Tony® Award for “Best Special Theatrical Event,” and the 2001 Emmy® Award for “Best Choreography,” plays at the Lutcher Theater, Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 7:30pm.
BLAST!, a celebration of movement and music, almost defies description and it has left critics everywhere surprised and delighted. Howard Kissel of the New York Daily News says: “What a cast, what a ‘Blast!’ An exhilarating evening.” Bruce McCabe of the Boston Globe says, “BLAST! doesn’t falter while bridging the categories of classical, blues, jazz, rock n roll, and techno-pop music. BLAST! stands, blows, pounds, marches, and whirls with panache.”
Born on athletic fields across the nation, BLAST! is a novel art form evolved from the showmanship of outdoor pageantry. A unique experience, BLAST! explodes the genre with the artistry of the theatre. BLAST! is a musical spectacle; it is music in motion. Described by Richard Christiansen of the, Chicago Tribune, “‘Blast!’ And a truer word was never spoken. A terrific good time…explosive entertainment. It is indeed a blast.”
BLAST! evolved from the drum corps Star of Indiana, which was founded in 1984 in Bloomington, Indiana, by businessman Bill Cook to benefit young people in music education. The Artistic Director James Mason is a lifelong veteran of drum and bugle corps and other musical activities. Star of Indiana became the Drum Corps International World Champion in 1991. Star’s performances revolutionized the world of drum corps, bringing an ever more sophisticated sense of musicianship, exciting showmanship, and dynamic choreography to this wonderful genre. Since 1993, Mr. Mason has been shaping the evolution of Star of Indiana from a competitive, 128 member drum corps, to a theatrical show which brings the power, passion and precision of outdoor pageantry to the stage in a musical performance now known as BLAST!
BLAST! on tour consists of 35 members, drawn from the world of outdoor pageantry all across North America. There are over 40 world titles held by BLAST! cast members who comprise three performing sections – the brass, percussion and visual ensembles. The brass instruments are pitched in the standard multi-keys. The percussion section includes drums, mallet instruments and electronic keyboards. The visual element enhances the show by spinning and tossing unusual implements along with the traditional sabers and colorful flags in perfectly synchronized, ballet-like drill.
The physical and musical demands of the production require that the performers be highly trained athletes who are also world-class musicians. Months of intense training prepare the cast. Rehearsing through heat, cold, dust and rain, they produce thrilling performances where athleticism, musical talent, kaleidoscopic movement, and showmanship merge into an art form that is both compelling and entertaining.
BLAST! is produced and booked by Big League Theatricals. The official BLAST! cast recording is available on RCA Victor. For further information on BLAST! and the national tour, visit the website at
There is a local connection to Blast! that most people might not know. Stacy Clark, Assistant Band Director for Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School, was part of the National Tour of Blast! for a little over a year beginning in May 2001. Ms. Clark played piccolo trumpet and trumpet as both a featured soloist and a company performer during her time with the show.
Before the performance, there will be a presentation about Orange’s Famous Bengal Guards. The presentation will be on the third floor.
This performance is sponsored in part by Cecil Broom.
Tickets are $55.00 and $35.00. To purchase tickets, log on to, call 745-5535 (Golden Triangle) or 1-800-828-5535 (Louisiana), or stop by the box office at 707 Main, Orange, Texas.