Seven luscious contestants vied for the coveted title of "Miss Mustang 2008." The pageant, sponsored by project graduation, included the contest itself, along with entertainment by the "Texas Dance Express" and the WO-Stark Jazz band.
Sensual Samantha (aka Sam Dixon) strutted off with the crown, Rotel Tomatoes (aka Renas Dove) waltzed off with the 1st runner up slot followed the by Princess Sally (aka Leon Mendizabal) in a close second place. Luxurious Lollipop (aka Ronnie Dennis) was voted in as Miss Congeniality.
WO-Stark gives special thanks to their volunteer judges:
Anitrea Goodwin, Troy Johnson, Jan Pederson, Benny Smith, Gary Stelly, and Stump Weatherford
All proceeds from the event go to WO-Stark’s project graduation.