Let our youths know they are special celebrate this day by writing a letter of love and encouragement to the absolutely incredible children in your life. What is so absolutely incredible? Absolutely incredible kid day is a national, annual letter-writing campaign that asks all adults to write letters of love and support to the youth in their lives. How did I get involved?
Four fabulous ways:
          1. Mark your calendar with the date March 20, 2008
          2. Write a letter! Send the youth in your life a letter, postcard, e-mail or  simply tell them how special they are. Be creative by slipping notes into lunchboxes, under pillows, in backpacks or even write on the sidewalk        with chalk.
          3. Spread the word! Get your neighbors, co-workers, church and other community members involved.
          4. Challenge yourself and others! In celebration of this special event, make it your goal to write not one letter but to ensure that all youth in your life- and even a few you don’t know- receive an expression of your appreciation for them.
Why is Camp FireUSA sponsoring this event? Camp FireUSA is an expert in adult-to-child communication. Writing a letter on absolutely incredible kid day strengthens the bond between adult and youth and can have a lasting and positive impact on youth and even the adults that send them letters. Camp FireUSA’s mission statement is to build caring confident youth and future leaders. Camp FireUSA is a United Way agency.